What type of employee are you? [QUIZ]

When you are working in an office it’s easy to slide into roles you feel uncomfortable in. The office environment is constantly changing and finding your place can sometimes be a daunting thing.

Having a positive attitude towards work is an important thing to have. While you can’t always be full of cheer and ready to take on the world, you can have a positive attitude towards the office. This positivity is imperative as also makes the working environment more efficient. Not only does having a good attitude add to the workplace but also knowing what type of employee you also help you to have a better outlook!

Using this quiz you are able to see ‘what type of employee you are’ brought to you from human resources management software specialists. However, do not be taken back if you are in a position you do not think you are in. Just take a moment and see where you may be going wrong and start to implement the appropriate changes to be where you want to be!

This infographic takes you through a lot of different personalities in the office these include The leader, this person is always the most experienced person in the company, they always offer help and help newbies in the office. Next is the friend, this person is a massive socialist, the kind of person in the office who sends you a friend request on Facebook within a week of working with them. Finally, the loyalist, the loyalist is always trying to look at different ways that he can move the business forward. When the boss or the founder of the business is having problems, the loyalist commonly goes to help any way he can.

Take a look at the infographic for many more different work personalities. You may be amazing at your job, but what kind of employee are you?

what type of employee are you?