Designing your first product label [infographic]

We live in a society where entrepreneurial spirit is thriving. More people than ever before are founding their own businesses, creating their own products and building empires from the ground up. This new generation of entrepreneurs do as much of the work themselves as they can, whether it’s marketing their products online or designing their own product label.

If you’re planning to launch a product of your own and hope to design your first product label yourself, there are lots of things you’ll need to consider before you get down to the actual development of the design. For example, you’ll need to know more about the audience that you’re targeting with the product – though any entrepreneur worth their salt will have done this research already when coming up with the concept for the product. You’ll need to assess your competitors and see what their labels look like, and you’ll need to make sure the design showcases your product’s USP clearly.

You’ll also need to think about the shapes, sizes and materials you’re going to use on the label, for practical reasons. If you’re designing a product that is meant to be used outdoors, for example, you might opt for waterproof labels. If you want as much of your product to be visible to consumers as possible, you may choose clear labels for your product. If your product is bottled, you’ll need to use a label that can curve appropriately and will adhere to glass.

These are all things that must be considered before you get started – but if you’ve been preoccupied with the development of the product itself, these factors may never have crossed your mind before. Don’t worry – FastLabels has produced an infographic to help you address all the important issues that lead up to the development and design of your very first product label. Check it out here: