Top 10 reasons to invest through Shadow Foundr

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you had invested in Facebook in 2004? Or Airbnb in 2008? Even if you had a time machine and are armed with the benefit of hindsight, you wouldn’t be able to invest in these companies since early stage investments back then were typically not open to most investors.

But what if there was a platform that allowed you take advantage of these opportunities and make early stage investments in promising companies? This is where Shadow Foundr comes in.

Shadow Foundr is a fully authorised and regulated crowdfunding platform for early stage investments. Here are 10 reasons to invest through Shadow Foundr:

  1. They have a strong track record

Shadow Foundr has a strong track record with their team responsible for raising over £80m in equity funding, for a host of unique, scalable, and successful opportunities. Their comprehensive due diligence, pre-vetted opportunities and extensive network of professional investors and financial institutions should provide investors with the confidence to invest through the platform.

  1. Potentially higher return on investment

Although it comes at a greater risk, investing in early stage companies gives you the opportunity to make returns that are generally a lot higher than other asset classes. However, these opportunities are typically not open to the average investor. Shadow Foundr gives every-day investors the ability to invest in early stage companies and potentially access these high returns.

  1. They find investment opportunities for you

Discovering and analysing new investment opportunities can be time-consuming and frustrating to do yourself. Fortunately, Shadow Foundr makes this process simple for you. They perform the due-diligence and narrow down the investment opportunities, providing you with only the best to choose from.

  1. It’s an uncomplicated process

Attempting to make an early stage investment yourself can be a headache – between the paper work and evaluation of the business. Shadow Foundr streamlines the process and provides an easy way to invest in early stage companies using just their platform.

  1. Tax advantages

Depending on your personal circumstances, you could benefit from Tax advantages if you are in the UK. SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) and EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) are government incentives that allow investors to respectively claim back 50% and 30% of their investment through tax benefits. They also ensure investors don’t have to pay capital gains tax or inheritance tax on some of their investments. This is another reason to invest in early stage investments through an equity crowdfunding platform like Shadow Foundr.

  1. Smaller minimum investment

Investments done through equity crowdfunding platforms such as Shadow Foundr don’t have large minimum investments. You won’t have to front up 50% of the equity to take advantage of an opportunity (unless you choose to),

  1. Diversification

The smaller minimum investment allows you to diversify your investments and spread the risk across a range of businesses, rather than investing a large sum into one investment like a traditional angel and venture capital investment.

  1. Make a difference

Invest in companies that will make a difference in the world. Shadow Foundr helped fund Aqua Africa, which helps to bring people out of water poverty in Africa. This is just one of the social/green companies in Shadow Foundr’s portfolio of opportunities.

  1. Invest in disruptive businesses

There are many large corporations that operate in an antiquated manner. Disruptive businesses shake up these industries and in the process become worth potentially billions of dollars. Look no further than Uber and Airbnb as examples. Shadow Foundr provides access to disruptive business investments through their platform.

  1. Invest in highly scalable businesses

Highly scalable businesses have the most potential to grow and provide you with a higher return. Shadow Foundr sources opportunities that are highly scalable, whether through a technological or information advantage.

If you’re looking for a way to invest in early stage businesses, consider using Shadow Foundr.