Unusual ways to make an extra income to get out of debt

It could be a car loan, a house mortgage, or a student loan; the bottom-line is that you need to get it paid and more often than not, that’s not an easy thing to do.

If you are a student, for example, who is just starting work or have plans to study even further, chances are that getting out of debt is a tough ask for you. Similarly, any person with an average income will invariably have to make sacrifices to get the loan paid off and for some people, even those sacrifices may not be enough. If you are in a similar predicament and you are searching for some unusual ways to make that extra bit of money, you may find the following to be very useful.

Online gambling

We recommend online gambling because it is safer than offline establishments and much easier to get into. If you are already in need of money, the last thing you need is to lose what little you have at a local casino after a few drinks. Instead, go through the available reviews of various online casinos to find a few good ones and get acquainted with how everything works. The next step is to try free deposit bonuses casinos are offering as a way to welcome new players. In this way, you will be able to start things off without having to spend anything from your pocket right away.

Work from home

It may not be the most unusual way to earn money, as a lot of people around the world work from home full-time and earn a pretty decent amount. Nevertheless, it’s more about what you do than where you do it from. Make your time at home economically productive by doing the following.

  • Sell stuff online
  • Do the odd writing job
  • Bake or make things that you can sell
  • Work as a virtual assistant
  • Childminding
  • Trade stocks
  • Take up a data entry job


If you have any skills at all, put it to good use and earn some extra change with it. It could be anything like photography, art, carpentry, handyman work, writing, etc. As long as you are good at it, you will likely be able to put it to good use.

Sign up as a certified guinea pig!

Yes, it’s true; you can sign up as a test subject for experimental drugs. All pharmaceutical companies need to conduct human experimentation before releasing a product into the market and that’s where you come in. The payout is usually high, with some of them even being extremely profitable. You will need to be healthy and free of any significant drug dependence; medical or recreational. It’s somewhat risky and chances of you feeling the side-effects are pretty high so you need to consider those factors first.

The idea here is to find something that helps you earn some fast cash, but as it is with anything concerning fast money, there are risks involved. Be careful, take your time, and never overdo it are the three pieces of advice which you should follow at all times while looking for a way to pay off that crushing debt.