The app for smart entrepreneurs

Running a business from home can be highly fulfilling, but can also leave you frazzled and frantically juggling your life. So, any clever tools that help make it easier to succeed are invaluable.

Well, one innovative organisation has now introduced a groundbreaking solution in the shape of a game-changing new app to help you run a successful direct selling business on the go, and just a few short months since its launch, it is already revolutionising the industry…

The LEO Smart app, the brainchild of Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd (LEO), a global entrepreneurship training company and direct selling organisation, is going from strength to strength since its introduction in March. With over 250,000 Members worldwide, LEO is all about innovation and the launch of the LEO Smart app was a natural progression of its ecosystem of products which help the budding entrepreneur build a booming business. This includes LEOcoin, the digital currency of choice for entrepreneurs, and LEOcrowd, its pioneering crowdfunding platform.

Business on the go

Already proving indispensable to many, the LEO Smart app is creating waves in the direct selling industry, as it makes it easier and more enjoyable than ever before to run a business on the go. But what exactly does it do? In essence, it provides all the information and support needed, at the tap of an app, for LEO Members to manage their day-to-day businesses. The sales process is made easier, with all the details at your fingertips, the duplication process – essential to a successful direct selling business – is made simpler, customer contact and follow-up is streamlined and team management can be organised at the touch of a button. In fact, so intuitive is the design, that it enables even the complete novice to soar ahead. Business on the go has never been so straightforward – no need for a PC, or unnecessary paperwork, just that one essential tool of today’s living, a smartphone. LEO CEO, Dan Andersson, explains: ‘This app is for the iGen. It uses gamification techniques to ensure conformity with legal and best-practice guidelines, develops teams and, above all, makes business fun and rewarding’.

Added value

Uniquely, and in keeping with LEO’s core mission to provide entrepreneurship skills training, the LEO Smart app also offers added value by supplying indispensable training in digital currency, also known as cryptocurrency. On downloading the app, accessed via a link sent by a LEO Member, the recipient receives two free gifts – a LEOcoin, LEO’s own digital currency, and a free training course in digital currency. This is an unmissable opportunity to learn all about this exciting new field. First launched in 2009, digital currency goes hand-in-hand with entrepreneurship, providing the means to do business worldwide without international banking charges, and LEOcoin was developed to provide a decentralised digital currency that is anonymous, secure and user-friendly. The LEO Smart app therefore also provides a great introduction to this burgeoning field, and the chance to get involved.

An international app

Created by a genuinely global organisation, with Members in over 190 countries, the LEO Smart app is a truly international app – available in seven languages, it allows the serious entrepreneur to develop a business worldwide. Proving popular with LEO Members around the globe, it has found great favour in India, where Members have embraced its use. As Nilanshu Seth, based in Lucknow, India, explains: ‘Since the Smart app launched, it has become a game changer for me and my team. This app is awesome, unique and best in class. Thanks to Dan Andersson and his team for this revolutionary product’. Swedish LEO Leader, Magnus Larsson, echoes this sentiment, saying: ‘Since the launch of the LEO Smart app, I have seen my team go from strength to strength. It is a very easy but powerful way to reach new people’. Rachiele David, a LEO Leader in the Philippines, also says: ‘The LEO Smart app has been a great tool to expand our market because it is boundless’.

So, for the savvy entrepreneur seeking a new opportunity, LEO certainly has the answer. With a simple click on a link in an SMS from a LEO Member, the LEO Smart app could help you learn invaluable new entrepreneurial skills, launch a LEO business and run it wherever you are – What a smart move!