What to know about finding green and sustainable jobs

The concept of green industries and sustainability has gone mainstream.

A lot of people want to find employment in these green areas because not only are they thriving, but it’s something they feel passionate about.

greenYou always have the option to create your own business, and that’s something a lot of people have done, from launching a sustainable trailer business to eco-friendly clothing lines. If you’re not ready for that step and would rather focus on building your career with an established company, the following are some tips to help you get there.

What areas are you most passionate about?

Sustainability and green jobs are incredibly diverse, and if this is something you’re following because you’re passionate about it, you should try to look within yourself and determine even more specific priorities to guide your search.

For example, are you looking at the public or private sector? Do you want to work for a startup or a well-established company? What industry are you most interested in? Do you also want a position with a company that focuses on social sustainability in addition to environmental? Is financial security one of the top interests you have?

Certifications and training programs

Sometimes landing a job in sustainability can be competitive, and a good way to set yourself apart from other applicants without getting another degree is participating in a certification or training program.

When you have narrowed down your focus regarding what area you’d like to work in, research and see if there are certifications that could help you advance your career.

Learn the language

Green companies tend to have their own set of lingo in many ways, and then it can become even more specific depending on the exact industry you’re interested in.

Learn about some of the key terminologies and also areas of focus at the current time so that you can include these things on your resume. It will make you seem as if you’re well-aligned with the priorities of the business when you’re looking for a job.

Internships and volunteering

One of the areas where internships and even volunteering can be most beneficial to your career is in the area of sustainability. It can be tough, and you may have to juggle interning or volunteering with working at a paying job, but you can go a long way with networking if you’re willing to start out as a volunteer or an intern. Eco-friendly companies can be a tight-knit group, so it can be valuable to start building your reputation in whatever way possible.

What people need to realize is that jobs in sustainability can be few and far between, particularly the good ones. This isn’t exclusive to sustainability, but it is still an emerging area of the economy, and that’s a lot of the reason it’s tough to find employment here. If it’s something you’re determined to do, you need to be willing to learn along the way, and also to start at the bottom, regardless of your education level.