Tech on Al for self-driving cars

Apple‘s chief executive announced that the company is developing a self-driving car plan.  Tim Cook has finally admitted and made clear what was unclear. This plan once successfully implemented will not mean Apple’s automobile is in the works.

During the interview with the Bloomberg television, it was revealed that it is true that Apple Company was building its own car. The construction of Apple’s self-driving car was being kept a secret. This has actually shown Apple’s seriousness about autonomous car tech. Tesla should be advised because Apple has the tendency of dominating every field. Therefore, you can expect that the giant cooperation will also lead this one.

The company scaled back its ambition and retrenched some workers last year. The retrenched workers were reassigned to other areas of the company. This is because the company’s new leadership was making the project of making a self-driving car the main focus. Apple has been trying to establish a flexible relationship with the existing car makers. The chief executive explained that this is the most difficult project of Al. This is actually regardless of the fact that Apple enjoys being autonomous.

Apple came into the car making industry in 2014. It came with the CarPlay. This is an iPhone system that integrates well with all navigation systems, did you know you can also play online slots on your iPhone. This is used to display messages calls maps music. The iOS feature called DO NOT DISTURB will detect when someone is driving and automatically silences the notifications. This is to keep the screen dark and free of distraction.

This might not be good news for the electric car maker company Tesla. This is regardless of the fact that it has recently topped up its BMW. It might be threatening news to Tesla which has made its way up to become the fourth most valuable car making company in the world.