The future of FinTech [infographic]

FinTech is developing very quickly after experiencing substantial growth worldwide, with substantial investments developing each year, the industry is becoming more and more prominent, in the last few years.

There are over 1300 companies around the world and still growing, in 2015, UK FinTech has generated £6.6 billion in revenue. The leading cities in the UK are London, Manchester, Leeds and Belfast. As expected California, New York and the United Kingdom has had the most revenue within the financial technology sector within the last few years.

There has been an increase of 51% in investment in this sector worldwide and a 120% increase in revenue in Europe, making the sector one of fastest growing investments in the world. However, investing in the correct company can give you an amazing return, so just investing money in the industry is not enough.

Please see the infographic from FinTech Compliance for many greater ways FinTech is changing the financial industry.