Is money the ultimate?

Is money the ultimate? People say happiness is the ultimate; if they can be happy, they are fine. Some say love is everything. But what brings love and happiness? Is money a source of a happiness; why do people get so happy when they win the lottery?

Our day-to-day activities are all channeled into making money because it is necessary for our survival. For years now, gambling has become a very popular thing and is legalized all around the world. People go to real casinos while some login to online casino to gamble. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. When you win you get so happy but when you lose, you get sad and depressed. So it is safe to say that money brings happiness but to an extent. There is more to life than just money.

Everybody needs money to provide the basic things in life for themselves and their families. You need money for food, shelter, clothing, cars, clothes, and every other thing you need. When you sponsor a child, donate to a war victim, pay someone’s hospital bills, it brings happiness to you and the recipient. When you take a good look at the rich people all around the world, you can see that they are highly respected more than the poor ones. The celebrities are well respected because they are rich but when they get broke, they become like every other person.

How powerful is money?

In today’s world, one cannot deny that money gives power, at least to an extent. But what becomes important is how the power is used. It could be used for the improvement of the world or for selfish reasons.

America is one of the richest countries in the world. Most of what they say has an impact in the world. They have money to buy weapons; fight people and provide security for its citizens. A country that can’t afford weapons can’t protect its citizens or territory when the need arises.

It is no surprise that money and power are directly proportional. Money has a great impact on today’s politics. Rich politicians lobby people into voting for them or to rig the election. They buy the favor of government workers and other agencies. The more money you have, the more powerful you are in politics.

It is true that money can do so much for you but that doesn’t mean all your energy should be channeled towards achieving financial wealth. Do not choose a career or do things just because they bring money but choose them because they feel right; do them because you want to change the world.