Spytrack Nano review – The next generation personal tracking device

Are you looking for a way to provide extra security for your children? Are you worried that your elderly family members might wander off due to dementia or Alzheimer’s? Do you want to know where your vehicles and assets are at all times? Spytrack Nano is the answer to all your questions!

SpyTrack Nano offers numerous features you will immensely benefit to improve the lives of your loved ones and ensure their safety. But that’s not all, SpyTrack Nano is an excellent vehicle and asset tracker as well. SpyTrack Nano is carefully designed to track people, vehicles and assets. The device is small enough to be easily concealed and it can be attached to metal surfaces with a magnetic case. SpyTrack is one of the most technologically advanced tracking devices on the market.

SpyTrack© Cloud Tracking Software is created to meet the highest demands of individual users as well as enterprise fleets without compromising simplicity. SpyTrack Cloud Tracking Software can be accessed from anywhere using a web-browser and features; real-time location, route history for up to 180 days, geo-fences, alerts and more..

Real-time tracking: Real-time tracking feature allows users to track their assets, vehicles or loved ones by using a mobile device or a computer. Cloud-based tracking platform provides instant location info whenever needed.

Geo-fence zones: Geo-fence zone feature allows users to create virtual boundaries around important areas such as your house, your children’s school or elderly family members frequently visit. You will be notified whenever the tracking device enters or leaves one of the pre-set zones. This will allow you to take action whenever an unplanned move occurs.

Route history: This feature allows users to view the routes taken in the last 90 days. SpyTrack Nano tracking platform stores the location data to be used anytime you need.

Alerts and notifications: SpyTrack Nano can be configured to notify you whenever a pre-set event happens. You can choose to get notifications via SMS, email or smartphone notification.

Movement alarm: SpyTrack Nano tracking platform will notify you whenever the tracking device moves if enabled.

SOS button: SOS button, when pressed in the event of an emergency, sends an alert to a predetermined contact list up to 10 people and the precise location info of the tracking device.

Custom reports: SpyTrack Nano tracking platform offers you the option to create detailed reports in HTML, PDF or CSV formats to allow the GPS data to be imported into different software systems.

Battery life: SpyTrack Nano has a rechargeable internal Li-polymer battery that lasts up to two weeks.

International use: By utilising our multi-network roaming M2M sim cards, you can use SpyTrack Nano in 150 different countries without any problems.

Tech Specs

Power 1300mAh Battery powered
GPS Module                                          GPS + GLONASS (U-blox GNSS)
Sensitivity Up to 1-2 meters
Dimensions 68 x 38 x 23 mm
Weight 60 grammes
Standby Time Up to 240 hours (10 seconds update intervals)
Water Resistance IPX5 compliant water resistant

SpyTrack Nano Mobile Application

Locate people and assets in real-time on a smartphone. SpyTrack Nano mobile app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android-based devices such as Samsung Galaxy series, HTC, Google smartphone and tablets. The mobile application is included free of charge with a SpyTrack Nano subscription. After you log in to the app, features like geo-fence can be accessed via the dashboard. SpyTrack Nano mobile app’s user interface has been designed to be user-friendly and simplicity in mind and allows users to locate the SpyTrack on the map in a matter of seconds. The mobile app works in synchronisation with your SpyTrack Nano account, as a result, the smartphone notifications are nearly instant and free of charge. Pre-set events include; movement alarm, geo-fence breach, speeding alarm and more. Once you create and setup your account, there is no need for a computer for tracking purposes.

Spytrack Nano is your best pick for an accurate and covert personal tracking device. If you are looking for a tracking device to keep an eye on your children, elderly or assets; SpyTrack Nano is one of the best personal tracking devices in the market.