5 smart investments to make for your business today

Your business may be thriving, but we’re sure there are ways you can make it even more successful.

Heed our advice and make smart investments in some of these things for your business in the near future.

smart investments for your business

1. Time management software

Successful time management is important for any business, but many business owners are dumbfounded at the idea of software that will help you streamline the way you operate on a daily basis. Depending on the needs of your business, a time management system can provide you with attendance solutions, employee scheduling, HR solutions and mobile workforce management. Tasks like creating invoices and dealing with your staff payroll can all be simplified, too. After all, it is these things that keep the structure of your company firmly in place.

2. Mutual funds

A mutual fund is a managed portfolio of stocks or bonds that will bring together a group of people who will all invest their own money into it. Each investor will hold a share of the mutual fund, and this will represent a portion of its holdings. By owning shares in a mutual fund, you’re spreading out your risk across many different holdings, benefiting from lower transaction costs and have the advantage of having a fund that is subject to industry regulations. 

3. A memorable number

We’ve all seen adverts on the TV or heard on the radio that advertises a company with a memorable number that’s often accompanied by a catchy jingle. This is because it’s been proven that a number that contains a familiar area code or numbers arranged in a certain pattern will be memorable. Investing in a memorable number for your business, therefore, will allow prospective customers to have your company etched in their mind. It also allows you to appear ‘local’ to every customer, even if your business has its headquarters in a particular area. It does this by masking your existing number with a ‘0800’ dialling code. Companies such as Planet Numbers offer effective, memorable 0800 numbers at an affordable price. 

4. Sales training

No matter what your service is, an effective sales team is vital to keep your business running effectively. These days, more companies are turning toward professional sales training for their staff, and it’s proving to be one of the top investments. Not only will it improve the skill set of your sales team, but it will give them increased confidence which in turn leads to better staff retention. Ultimately, all of this will lead to an increase in sales figures for your company hopefully so much so that you’ll wonder why you never invested in sales training before.

5. A bookkeeper

A bookkeeper is someone who enters the financial information of your business into an accounting system so that you remain up to date. The employee in this role will also cover tasks such as the employee payroll, processing payments and keeping track of other important records. As a business owner, this will allow you more time for the overall management of the business. The failure to invest in a bookkeeper might lead to unnecessary expenses for the business at a later date.

So, if you’re a business owner, these are the top smart investments that you might want to consider putting some money toward. Hopefully, having a few of these in place will help the organisation, management and structure of your business and your overall company success soar.