Improve your organic ranking with these 5 SEO tips

Every hour of every day consumers are targeting search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, with search terms that mean something to them in a hope of finding a suitable match that will give them a positive result.

Likewise, every business wants to appear at the top of the organic ranking search results (SERP) when a consumer is looking for a product or service it provides. So how do we put the two together to achieve a win win situation for both parties?

organic rankingWell, in reality that means you must have an online presence on page one and predict the type of consumer search terms that will improve your organic ranking above your competitors.

Easy you might say to yourself, but the fact is without the presence of a solid data based strategy for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) this will never happen. Search engines predominantly operate in two ways: crawling and building an index. This provides a ranked list of websites based on what the search engine has found and deemed to be the most relevant information for what the consumer is searching for. Unfortunately, search engines change the algorithms on a regular basis. This is why SEO done well, maybe using an SEO company can help you achieve your online goals to better effect and improve your organic ranking.

1. Find target keywords

Google AdWords Keyword planner, WordStream or Wordtracker are useful online tools that can educate you into the mindset of what keywords or phrases are used by your target audience. This will also give you the opportunity to establish negative keywords that could work against you. Keywords are essential to get you visibility in search engine results therefore increasing your chances of converting an enquiry into an opportunity.

2. On-page optimisation

With your keywords clearly identified, embedding them into content is a skill in itself and a good copywriter will achieve this without it being too obvious by ensuring that they are included in each of your website pages where appropriate. Pay particular attention by including your SEO strategy in the URLs, title tag, body text, meta description, header tags and image ALT attributes. Using a plugin, such as WordPress SEO by Yoast, or Moz On-Page Grader, is an ideal benchmarking tool to see the results of your on-page optimisation. But remember it can always be better so keep experimenting to improve your organic ranking.

3. Fresh content strategy

Fresh, high-quality content is food for search engines; they love it. Website blogs are useful providing they add content that is of significant interest to your consumers. Don’t forget to post this on social media to drive more traffic back to your website via high domain ranking sites that are extremely well liked by search engines.

4. Quality backlinks

Excellent quality backlinks from high Domain Authority sites is a key element in your SEO strategy. In this case quality prevails over quantity, but make sure you have thoroughly researched the relevance, authenticity and validity as toxic links can be harmful. Guest blogging and the writing of useful or stimulating content, infographics or promotion can have a profound impact on your page ranking status. Another very useful SEO service is social signals that you can order from genuine websites such as These signals are manually created and multi-regional. SEO experts usually send these to sites where you have already placed backlinks to increase their traffic.

5. Site’s performance

There’s no time to relax thinking you have completed your SEO strategy and things will be just great. Wrong; SEO is ongoing and once you start there’s no going back if you want to maintain good online presence. You will have to endlessly monitor your site’s performance using an analytics tool like Google Analytics, to control which keywords and traffic are creating the most conversions. This data will identify the best keywords to target in your SEO strategy and likewise the ones that are not performing. In addition, you get a good insight into the general performance of your website.

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