What you need to know before you invest in an 0800 number for your business

Thinking of investing in an 0800 for your business? Well, here are a few things to consider before you do. As you’ll see, 0800 numbers can be a boon for your business for a variety of reasons:


Encourage customers to contact you

First and foremost, 0800 numbers are widely recognised as being free to phone, and that’s to your advantage. Customers feel reassured when they see a free phone number, and they’re encouraged to call you, knowing they can call as often as they wish without being charged. Remember, this is the case for customers calling from both landlines and mobiles these days.

Moreover, the more calls you receive, the more leads you have for potential custom. In fact, research has suggested enquiries increase by as much as 175% when you have a free phone number in place.  So why would you contemplate doing anything else?

Good for your corporate image

However, having an 0800 number in place doesn’t simply encourage people to get in touch, but it also gives them a positive perception of your company. In essence having an 0800 number is a good public relations move.  A company that provides a free phone number is a company that cares about its customers and is committed to providing a good service.

Increased response to advertising

Put an 0800 in place, and you’re likely to receive an increased response rate to your advertising too, giving you a better return on investment when it comes to your marketing, advertising and PR costs.

Established, national business 

In addition, an 0800 phone number will assist your business in coming across as an established, national concern, rather than a small, local business, something by which customers feel reassured.

Your convenience

As well as being more convenient for your customers, 0800 numbers can work out well for you too. In fact, set up an 0800 number for your business and they can be forwarded to an existing landline number. Moreover, if you are out and about in the course of your work, calls can be forward to your mobile instead. You won’t need to install an additional phone line or any extra equipment at all. So an 0800 number would be a completely hassle-free option for you too.

Accurate billing

Moreover, set up an 0800 number and you’re likely to receive more accurate bills too. Take out an 0800 with some providers, and you’ll be billed by the second, rounded up to the nearest penny, meaning you won’t be paying for services you’re not using – though calls from a mobile may incur a small additional surcharge.

Additional services for your benefit

0800 numbers often come with additional beneficial services too, such as call queuing and call recording for example. Yes, these additional benefits may differ from provider to provider, but shop around when buying 0800 numbers and you’re likely to have access to other services too. Services that will assist the smooth and efficient running of your business – meaning all calls are answered for example, and that’s to the benefit of both you and your customers.

Forward business planning  

Moreover, install an 0800 number for your business, and you’ll have access to insights about your business you may not have had before. So you’ll be able to see where calls are coming from for example, which in turn could inform your marketing plan moving forward. Meaning you’ll be making your business decisions based on accurate, concrete data.

Your 0800 number

So as you can see, there are a variety of benefits to setting up an 0800 number for your business, from an increase in the number of customers who’ll call you to helping establish your company as a national business. So set up an 0800 number for your business today.