How to speed up your phone

A slow phone is frustrating to use. This is because you can no longer get your things done on your phone as fast as when you first bought it. Even real money online casino games do not run smoothly. You can visit Australian online casinos for types of games compatible with old phones. Cell phones tend to decrease their speed performance as they are used. Users can maintain phone speed. Below are some effective tips to help you out.

Keep up to date with OS

Phones run on different operating systems and the developers keep on developing new versions. Many new apps perform better on new software. Moreover, new software often comes with better protection such as bug fixing and some improvements. Usually, when there is a new software update you get a notification. If you don’t, go to your Settings and check under Software for updates.

Uninstall idle apps

Phone manufacturers and carriers sell their phones with a lot of apps. Many phones are filled with many idle apps. It’s cool to have many apps on your phone, however, this uses up your storage space and probably make your phone slow. Uninstall apps you don’t use to clear the memory space and enhance processor performance. If the app cannot be uninstalled go to your settings and disable it.

Free up cache memory

Clear up the cached data from the processor of RAM. This usually applies to Android phones, go to Settings, tap Apps then relevant app, tap Storage and you’ll see Clear cache option. A cleared cache helps your phone to perform faster. Cached data can mount up with time and take a lot of space thereby making the device slow.

Reduce animations

Android phones usually by default come with active animations. These animations have the effect of making your device slow. You can make your phone perform faster by reducing or turning off these animations. To do this, first, you have to enable Developer options in your settings. Find Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale, then tap Off or set it to .5x.