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Free interactive webinar: The Value of Business Models

Are you one of the millions of entrepreneurs who wonder how business model innovation can increase your growth, visibility and revenue?

And if there are simple to use and easy accessible tools to help you come up with new business models? If so, please be welcome to join our online webinar `The Value of Business Models’ at September 11 at 19h CET.

Free interactive webinar: The Value of Business Models
Free interactive webinar: The Value of Business Models

What can you expect?

You’ll meet a business owner who used the award-winning tooling from www.businessmakeover.eu to improve his business. And we’ll hear from an financial expert how to use business model thinking to access capital for companies to grow. Any question you always wanted to ask about business models, or starting up a business will be answered by our experts Dr. Timber Haaker and Dr. Mark de Reuver from Delft University of Technology (NL) and Innovalor.

Not to be missed-opportunity

Based on our successful online courseware, followed by 10,000 participants, this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to learn more about the value that Business Model Innovation can bring.

ENVISION in a nutshell

In the current tough economic environment, business model innovation can be the key to becoming or staying competitive. To support European competitiveness and job creation, the ENVISION project helps activating small and medium sized enterprises (SME) across Europe to re-think and transform their business models with the help of an a free and easy-to-use, open-access web platform: businessmakeover.eu. By means of by means of events and webinars we reach out to entrepreneurs who would like to give their business a kick-start, but find it difficult to find the right approach.