How to become a successful wedding coordinator

Most people want to venture into wedding planning. There are many who want to learn how they can become successful wedding planners. Event planning is even a course in some universities. There are also many wedding planning certificate courses being offered by profit trade groups that do not hold much value.

There is more to wedding planning than getting a certificate. There are many things that make up a good wedding coordinator. Just because you have a major in event planning does not mean that you can be a good wedding coordinator.

How to become a successful wedding coordinator If you find that event planning is not for you, you should have a fallback plan you can use.

Communication skills

If you want to be a good wedding coordinator, you will need to have very strong communication skills. A wedding is like a small business. You will need to deal with budgets, vendors, invoices, contracts and other things. Having some knowledge in business management will come in handy, but it does not mean that you automatically become an expert.

Communication skills are useful in written and spoken form. When planning a wedding, you will need to learn how to deal with brides and vendors. If you lack this basic skill, you will not have the ability to present yourself to your clients. No clients will mean no business.

Organizational skills

A good wedding coordinator needs to have excellent organizational skills. They also need to have the ability to multitask. These are skills you cannot simply get from a classroom but will get them when working in the field. When working on real weddings, you will have to juggle between dealing with the bride, wedding vendors, and coordinating other things while keeping track of your paperwork.

Once you break into the business, you will find yourself having to coordinate more than one wedding at a time. You will have to ensure that all events are proceeding flawlessly.

Being creative

To be a good wedding coordinator, you will need to think outside the box. You need creativity to get into the event planning industry and succeed in it. The first place you need to be creative is in getting into the industry. Sending resumes and well-written applications are normal and quite boring, and you might not be pleased with the results.

A creative way you can get into the industry is by going to major hotels and looking for internships in event planning divisions. You can also start by planning weddings and other events for your friends. Creativity will also come in handy when planning weddings. Clients want you to make their weddings stand out. They do not want to have a textbook wedding ceremony. A unique wedding will make your client happy, and this will reflect well on you.

It would also be important to design special themed high-quality wedding cards for guests to send to the newlyweds.

Have a good wedding videographer

One important aspect of the wedding is the wedding video. It will remain after the wedding and serve as a good memory palace years after the wedding. Offering wedding videography services will boost your wedding planning business. Your wedding videographer needs to be an expert at their job and have some experience in taking wedding videos. You can look at resumes and videos from videographers before you decide the best one for your business.

Being a wedding coordinator needs a lot of determination from you, it is strongly advised to consider taking an event management or wedding planning course at Event Academy to get a good footing. If you have these traits and the patience needed for the job, you will be sure to succeed in the industry.