Top reasons for you to use Instagram for eCommerce websites

eCommerce websites are galore online however all of them are competing against one another. Bigger names like eBay and Amazon have won the hearts of millions of people across the globe and so if you are a new eCommerce website, you should not be daunted by their presence.

You have the chance and the opportunity to compete with bigger names and grab the attention of potential customers. Thanks to the power of social media, you can resort to the popular photography website- Instagram to get the attention and the response your eCommerce website always wanted.

Instagram eCommerceReasons to go on Instagram

eCommerce websites need to have good pictures and photos of their products to reach out to the targeted audience. These photographs speak to the audience and convert them into sales. However, you must ensure that the photographs you use are original and genuine. It is prudent for you to post pictures of real customers with your products and use hashtags so that people can find you. You can also try outsourcing your Instagram growth to a 3rd party service. TSSB says that Kicksta is popular.

Better conversion and brand building

In order to build your brand and authenticity, it is very important for you to ensure that you use Instagram for effective results and better conversion. Instagram also allows you to post videos of your product. It is designed in such a manner that you can effectively tell the story of your brand without hassles at all. With this friendly eCommerce platform, you can build your brand and connect with your audience faster.

The following are the top reasons why you should use Instagram for your eCommerce website needs:

  1. Facebook decline – Businesses are now looking for other social media platforms to market their wares since Facebook has declined in its reach for reaching out to the targeted audience.
  2. Faster growth and active users – Instagram has crossed around 400 million users today and thanks to its fast growth, you are able to get real Instagram followers for your eCommerce website. Instagram is one of the fastest social media websites on the Internet and it has attracted a large number of people and businesses alike.
  3. Focus on business – Instagram has used a section of its website for special business focus. It also has plans to launch an effective advertising platform in the near future.
  4. Market friendly – Unlike Facebook, there are no algorithms on Instagram to evaluate what people see. Every post is visible to followers and they stay in the archives and galleries of the website.
  5. Creative marketing and visual branding – Instagram is the ideal website for visual branding and creative marketing. It is very easy to use and has a suite of tools for photo editing that makes it ideal for eCommerce websites to reach out to targeted customers.

Therefore, if you really wish to grab the attention of your customers and targeted audience, opting for Instagram as a social media platform for your eCommerce website is a wise choice. The platform is very user-friendly and appealing. Your products grab the attention it deserves bringing in the much needed traffic for lead conversions and sales!

Walter Moore is an expert web marketer and consultant for leading businesses. He helps eCommerce websites increase real Instagram followers and get better product sales for their brand.