5 business benefits of outsourcing your IT support

Behind every successful company is a resilient technology infrastructure supported by an equally dynamic IT support services.

We live in an era where data is already the new currency. Since everything is connected, how we manage and protect valuable company or client information can immensely impact our business, for better or for worse. IT services enable efficiency and productivity. It is a force multiplier for businesses and as such, should be leveraged on with effective support.

IT supportAll too often though, companies still overlook the importance of IT as critical business drivers mainly because of cost issues. Some even argue that only large companies need technology because their focus is in sales or they have such basic operational structures. Every company is at a risk of being hacked. In fact, a recent study by Cybersecurity Statistics shows that small businesses are easier targets since most of them lack security policies. Aside from security issues, most businesses also lack a backup system. Verizon shares a data as to how costly it is to become a victim of breaches and data theft. In their study, every 100 files lost in a data breach can cost somewhere in the area of $18,120 and $35,730.

Reduced spending and controlled operating costs

Outsourcing eliminates the costs associated with hiring and training employees to perform specific functions. All the functions of a data center team – from integration to management to periodic updates, etc. — can be outsourced from Local IT Support Company in London. Along with reduced wages, companies no longer need to concern themselves with health insurance employment benefits, taxes, retirement plans and other benefits that employees look for. 

Return to core business focus

Did you know that the worldwide cost of IT failure has reached $6.2 Trillion in 2016? The reasons are mind-boggling, but we are not going to talk about that in this article. But surely you do not want your company adding up to that huge sum.

Enhanced scalability and flexibility

Cutthroat competition, customer demand and the fast-paced evolution of information technology dictate that companies be agile enough to stay competitive. They need to make sure that they will not only be able to catch up but also stay at the top of their game or at best, be one step ahead of competition. Having that capability to upgrade or downsize according to needs of your company and clientele is an advantage. Fortunately, these IT outsourcing companies can address just that.

Whether it is a long-term or a temporary project, you can count on most service providers to cover your needs as quickly as possible. Some can scale systems up or down within minutes. You can add email users, server capacity or accounts as employees come and go. You can also get service contracts enabled and disabled at specific time periods. Charges simultaneously stop when the project ceases.

Now, if only this flexibility works on husbands…

Access to a pool of experts equipped on the latest technology

According to Payscale, the average pay for an IT manager costs around £38,366 per year which most companies, especially the small and medium businesses, cannot afford.

When you outsource your IT Support, you can rest assured that you’ll get top calibre assistance. Technology is the IT vendor’s core competency and expertise. Companies who offer these services strive to be at the forefront of advancements and trends; they invest on industry certification training to bring thoroughbred support to your doorstep, instantly.

Why have access to just one expert when you get the whole shebang? You can have a whole team of experts with diverse IT specialization on multiple technologies within your reach. We all want licensed, experienced doctors to take care of us, the same should be true for IT.

Mitigate risks

Technology may cost a t but making the wrong decisions costs more. A study by Pandalabs revealed that just in Q3 of 2016 alone, around 18 million new malware samples have been captured. This, along with other aspects of IT such as security and data protection, requires hawk-like administration and dedicated teams since they evolve and eventually bypass antivirus systems. This could compromise customer or financial data. Unfortunately, when that happens, your business can face lawsuits or even suffer an untimely death because of declined sales when news gets out.

Another benefit of IT outsourcing is reduced risk of operational disruption because of downtime. Data centers were built to have robust redundancy and failover systems so that when one system fails, another system immediately takes its place to perform critical functions, resulting in zero downtime.

The reputation and success of your business are only as good as your last performance. Being an expert in anything takes time and years of experience, let alone being an expert in IT. By outsourcing IT Support Services to a reputable company, you are lessening your company’s risk of being a victim of attacks resulting in data breach and losses. IT vendors have data center infrastructure and multi-tiered defenses that are smart and reliable to to resist such attacks. They are equipped with firewalls, network security systems, event monitoring software, industry security standards and policies that are made to ward off “evil spirits” in the corporate realm.

Final word

Keeping up with the dynamic and demanding world of technology and business is a challenging feat especially if you are building from the ground up and managing everything yourself. Thanks to the advent of cloud technology, the proliferation of the IoT ecosystems and managed services, companies big or small can now have a fighting chance at having the best infrastructure and IT Support Services without having to shell out millions of Euros. You get the best technology at flexible, low fixed monthly price, sans the headache of hardware depreciation, complex maintenance and IT administration.