7 ways to increase sales at trade shows [infographic]

Trade shows are not magical events with guaranteed success. They take practice and a lot of planning. But when done well? You’ll be rolling in profits and demanding high fives from your boss.

Exhibiting your business at an event can be hugely profitable when done well.

With a crowded exhibition hall, it’s important to make sure that your business stands head and shoulders above your competitors.

After all, you want to be the business that people rave about after the show.

But how can you boost your leads and sales and leave a great impression? The quick answer is to plan and to know that the decisions you’re making will improve your ROI.

This infographic from Express Exhibition Displays gives you 7 ways that you can up your game when it comes to exhibiting.

  1. Understand that events are not easy

It may seem basic, but it’s important to acknowledge that exhibiting is not easy and takes a lot of effort.

Exhibitions are the mayflies of marketing:

99% of your time is spent in the build up to your event and it’s over in the blink of an eye.

Unlike other marketing streams, the deadline can’t be moved if something goes wrong with the planning.

You’re dealing with upfront costs, co-ordinating your team to get to the venue on time and making sure that your boss is on board with your plans.

That’s a lot of plates to spin and a lot of plates that can smash.

It’s not easy and you will need to plan out every aspect of the event from pre-event to how you’re going to follow up and measure success.

  1. Don’t forget your biggest asset to increase sales

You could spend months on the intricate planning of the design of your stand… but are you missing your biggest sales tool you can lever?

That would be your sales team.

They will be the ones manning your stand, tasked with converting visitors to sales.

Make sure that they are on-board with your plans, can give a great elevator pitch and know how to make a good impression FAST. Else all your hard work will go out the window.

Involve your sales team early and manage expectations to make sure your event is a success.

Check out how to power up your events with the below infographic:

Power up at live events infographic with Express Exhibition Displays