The underdogs who defied the odds

We all have heard  stories about some bold guys, sitting there in a random place, inventing something new and unbelievable. Something that people would not recognize to be a success. And there we have, those enthusiasts that despite any boundaries, armed with their ambitions, are creating business from scratch, projects that defies the odds. The first successes allow to attract funds and bring to market a stunning product.

They hire friends, collect a team of great minded people and nothing can stop them.

David vs Goliath is not the only underdog story in history, you have the 300 Spartans against the 100,000 strong army of Prince Xerxes holding the passage for two days!

Recent history has its fair share of against all odds underdogs prevailing, usually the little man against the big corporations. Erin Brockovich beat all the odds when she went up against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, someone who was once before a legal clerk won $333 million for the residents of an area around a plant. Her story even made it to the big screen with Julia Roberts in the titular role.

You could say the most successful film of all time is the Blair Witch Project. Made with just $60,000, handheld cameras and some clever editing the horror film steamrolled the box office and brought in $248.6 million. The film became a phenomenon spreading across the world with marketing mainly done by word of mouth with rumors suggesting the actors did not survive. Numerous bigger budget sequels that have not caught the same lightning in the bottle.

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