The key skills entrepreneurs have that are useful for teaching

Considering a career in teaching? Moving from owning a business into teaching could be seen as polar opposites. This is not the case, there are many skills that translate well into being a teacher.

Excellent communication skills

For a successful career in teaching, you’ll need first-rate communication skills, both written and verbal. You’ll communicate well with children and parents; as well as colleagues and industry partners at all levels of an organisation.

So, whether you’re out in front of your class explaining a complex theory or discussing a pupil’s progress with their parents, your interpersonal skills will be impeccable. You’ll be able to get along well with people from all walks of life.

In addition, you’ll need to have excellent written communication skills, so when you are marking students’ work, keeping records or writing reports, everything will be written well and in good order.

Motivating others is an indispensable skill

Hand-in-hand with good communications skills is an ability to motivate others, to engage them in your lessons, get them on board and enthusiastic about what you are trying to achieve.

Organisational skills are a must

In addition, you’ll need to be a good organiser and time keeper. So whether you are planning multiple lessons, an assembly or a class outing; or you are putting those plans into action, you’ll need to be highly organised. So you’ll have everything to hand when you need it most.

Empathy is essential

You’ll also have an ability to emphasise with others, so you’ll be aware of how your students are feeling; their concerns and needs, and can adapt your plans accordingly.

Flexibility stands you in good stead

Hand-in-hand with an ability to empathise is a flexible nature, so you’ll think on your feet and adjust your plans to whatever each new day or challenge brings. You’ll have the ability to change tact if a lesson’s not working or respond to your pupils changing needs, at a moments notice.

Patience and tact are vital

However, along with empathy and flexibility, you’ll need to show patience and tact, so you respond appropriately to pupils’ concerns; and engage those pupils who are anxious or lack confidence.

Staying calm in a crisis is crucial

Also, essential for any teacher is an ability to stay calm in a crisis, so whatever is happening around you, whether there is an accident, a health concern or disruption in the classroom, you’ll respond appropriately.

Being creative is hugely beneficial

Being creative is another valuable skill for anyone in the teaching profession. You’ll have lots of ideas for activities in the classroom, along with an ability to make the most of the resources you have to hand; seeing the potential in things and situations. You’ll find ways to put theory into practice through engaging activities; you’ll see the connection between different subjects and develop cross curricular activities on occasion too.

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