10 business ideas for those passionate about woodworking

It’s all very well for people to say, “follow your passion”, and “do what you love and will make you happy”, but the problem is – just how do you go about turning your hobby into a business, and one that makes enough money to support you?

To some extent this really does depend on what your passion is. Some things are less easy to turn into a business, woodwork being one of those. However, if you have the vision and determination then nothing is impossible. Doing your research and identifying your market will stand you in good stead.

If you do start a business where you plan to use your woodworking skills, you will need to make sure that the machinery you use is up to the job, so have a look locally and see if you can find a company who supply new or second-hand woodworking machinery like Calderbrook Woodwork Machinery.

Here are just 10 business ideas for those who are passionate about woodwork – would one of these suit for your next career?

  1. Woodworking tools

If your area is already saturated with people who are selling wooden items they have made then why not consider using them as your market. Consider setting up a business that sells woodworking tool and supplies. You will still be able to do your own woodworking, but this way the business will take care of your bills and you still get to spend time doing what you enjoy.

2. Sell online

The internet offers a fantastic marketplace for your wares, and if what you produce is smaller items that could easily be shipped to customers then setting up an online store could be the perfect way to get your products noticed with minimal outlay.

3. Outdoor woodwork

If you love being outdoors then consider using those woodworking skills to construct larger items like fencing, gates, sheds even treehouses. If you live in a rural area where people have large gardens, or an area where new houses are being built then there could be a lot of demand for these services.

4. Indoor woodwork

If you prefer to work indoors then why not think about creating indoor furniture, for example bespoke items to fit in unusual spaces. There is always a need for clever storage solutions.

5. Open a shop

People are always looking for furniture that is a little bit more unique, so why not open a shop specialising in just that. You could always approach other local woodworkers and offer to stock some of their items, for a fee, which would help you offer a wider range of furniture at any one time.

6. Corporate woodwork

If you don’t want to be your own boss then why not look into the construction industry, most building projects require a woodwork specialist, if you live in an area where construction is in big demand then you could find your skills needed by several companies.

7. Teaching

If you have lots of woodworking skills you might want to pass them on to others. Teaching would afford you the perfect opportunity to do this and in the right setting could provide you with a good income.

8. Craft fairs

If you want to remain in a full-time job and use your woodwork to earn an extra income then you could consider the craft fair circuit. If the items you make are small and you can produce a good amount of stock then this is a good way to make money without the worry of trying to sell enough items to pay your bills.

9. Repairs

Perhaps your woodworking skills are not good enough to make saleable items, however repairing wooden items might be the perfect route for you to take. Putting your woodworking skills to good use repairing other peoples damaged wood items could prove to be a good business opportunity.

10. Blogging

There are always people looking for information on woodworking, blogging is the perfect way of sharing your skills and tips whilst making money through affiliate marketing and direct adverts. Once you have a large audience this can really pay off.

Whatever your choice, if you work at something you love with woodworking machinery, you’ll enjoy your ‘job’ so much more!