How to maximise the space in your home

Whether you’re downsizing or you’re trying to make the most of the space you have, it can be difficult to know how to create a spacious feel in your home. However, with small spaces and houses becoming increasingly popular, there are some fantastic and innovative ways you can maximise even the smallest of spaces.

Here’s how:

Buying versatile furniture

Firstly, start by choosing furniture that will provide you with multiple functions. For example, when buying a table for your kitchen, consider a design that you could use as a desk too. Or, try opting for a large sofa that can be used as a bed when someone stays over.

Other things to look out for are ottomans, small tables, collapsible tables and foldable chairs that’ll add great practical features to your home but without eating up too much space.

Adding some clever features

A lot of interior design concepts that feel spacious utilise a little trickery. With plenty of mirrors and see-through furniture, you can really add to the impression of space, even if there isn’t much. For example, in a hallway, you might want to consider getting frameless balustrades from a company like Barrier Components, because this will create a fluid, unrestricted feel along your stairway and landing.

Opting for purposeful pieces

Sadly, when you’re decorating a small space, you are often limited with how much furniture you can buy ‘just because’. Instead, you’ll need to ensure all of the pieces you’re choosing are maximising the space you have.

A large piece of furniture can really add to the cramped feel of a room but if you split this piece of furniture into smaller items, you can create more space without losing any practicality. For example, instead of a large round coffee table, two smaller ones work better and give you more freedom to move things around as and when you need them.

Getting creative

When you’re designing small spaces, try to get creative in how you’re positioning things. Consider where you could add an interesting statement piece that’ll create more storage or space. For example, if you’ve got a tiny alcove, you could install some shelves within it, perhaps even adding a foldaway desk, too.

Creating some bespoke features in your home’s unusable, small spaces will really help you make the most of all the available space, while also providing you with all the practicality and functionality you could need.