4 tips to create more effective marketing videos

The usage of videos in marketing has spiked of late, now that practically every business understands just how beneficial it can be.

However while it is true that marketing videos have a lot of potential to attract attention, engage, and foster interest – you need to take the right steps in order to realize that potential.

marketing videos

Make no mistake there is a lot involved in creating a effective marketing videos, but as a starting point these four tips should put you on the right track:

Create videos that are short and focused

With every minute that passes, more viewers are likely to stop watching your videos as their attention wanders or they simply become disinterested. That is why in most cases it is best to create marketing videos that are short and focused on a particular topic – with a duration between 1 to 2 minutes or so.

Use the first 10 seconds to foster interest

Within the first 10 seconds (or less) of your video, most viewers will decide whether or not they want to continue watching. That is why it is crucial that you let viewers know right from the get go what the video is about, and more importantly why they should want to keep watching.

Finish with a strong call to action

Every marketing video should have a particular goal, and the fulfillment of that goal is what the call to action is all about. At the end of your marketing video you should have a strong call to action that directs viewers to what you want them to do, and gives them a good reason why they should do it.

Place subtitles in your videos

Considering many people watch videos on mute (or use browsers that automatically mutes videos) – it makes more sense than ever to place subtitles in your videos. It is a great way to ensure that your video has the best chance of engaging viewers, and makes it look fairly professional to boot.

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