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Smart Card: The right marketing strategy for customer loyalty

Smart cards have been widespread and are used in many our everyday activities, from badge or ID card to enter the office till loyalty cards to collect points. The customer loyalty programs play a key role in the marketing strategy implemented by stores or distribution chain. And there are more and more enterprises request a high quality and personalized card which will become a spokesman of their brand.

The reason is simple: smart loyalty card is an impressive tool for creating stable business relationships, based on trust premium. A satisfied and loyal customer is that who returns and buys again: loyalty ensures a significant stabilization and continuity in revenue streams and improves corporate profitability. Indeed, the benefit cumulates over time and is “self-feeding”.

smart card customer loyalty

Loyalty programs are becoming even more digital, as revealed by the research of ECRM Group, led by Target Research, and points card, loyalty card, or gift card is one of the most successful and well-known forms of Gamification. In this case, the communication design process is accomplished by providing secondary motivation to buy or more trivially prizes.

Today, consumers require increasingly a multichannel shopping experience, which offline and online services integrate into perfection. Only smart cards have the right technology support to become part of this type of marketing strategy.

Whether it is a reduction on the next purchase or a VIP treatment, it is essential that the relationship between the company and its customers is solid and based on transparency and reliability. The first step, and also the most important, is to choose with a certain degree of care to whom to apply for the loyalty cards or other type of smart cards. The magnetic card industry offers a wide choice of solutions with different characteristics such as material, thickness, finishing, colour, and graphics. As well as technology utilized, from chip to simple magnetic, contact or contactless, it can be varied a lot.

Publicenter has been a leading company in smart card and gift card for years and offers high-quality services. Publicenter is specialized in producing fidelity cards, even for major retail and GDO groups, and it offers a wide range of customizations to the customer.