Why develop a mobile app for your business?

There is no better time than now for you to develop a mobile app for your business, especially with predictions that 81% of all mobile phone users in the UK this year will have a smartphone and the number of tablet users will increase to 67% within this same year.

There is an untapped market of smartphone users just waiting for you to launch your app and here are some reasons why you should.

Quicker access to information

The world we live in now is fast paced and many mobile and tablet users use these devices because of the convenience and ability to access information quickly.

Whether you deal in goods or services, a mobile app will help your customers access your business quickly while they are on the go. These are easy ways to win points with potential customers.

For example, imagine a situation where a customer in dire need of a particular product or service comes across your app but discovers that your competitors do not have apps for their businesses. Your app would likely help that customer get the information about what you offer literally in the palm of their hands, which means they can quickly make their purchasing decisions and hopefully patronise your business instead of your competitor’s.

Gain a competitive edge

Even if your competitors have apps of their own, you can still gain a competitive edge by designing an app that looks great and is simple and easy to use with fun interactive features.

Better marketing with personalised and location-based ads

Mobile devices now collect an incredible amount of data about consumers. Devices are now collecting data about people’s interests, spending patterns, location and health information, all of which can help your business properly target the right groups of people interested in what you offer.

Rather than spending lots of money running marketing campaigns that target the public in a very general unfocused manner, you can target customers specifically.

For example, you can use your app to send messages and updates about products and services that people have purchased from you before. You can send messages or notifications that customers in certain locations can pick up. You can also send ads via apps to people with an online profile that matches criteria consistent with your business.

Better interaction with customers

Apps have built-in features like messaging, updates and notification facilities that bring you and your customers closer together. With improved and more immediate interaction with your customers, you can build a relationship of trust with them which ultimately improves your brand and sales.

Encourage new ways of learning

If, for example, your business involves tutoring and other educational services, apps are a great way to encourage busy people to learn something new. You could design a course on a new language or whatever subject broken down into stages that your students can complete and tick off your record sheet at their own pace.

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