How can Cisco WebEx Meeting Center save you money?

As a business, cutting costs wherever possible to improve productivity is a natural move, but unfortunately for some, that may mean redundancies or removal of useful resources. However, any modern business shouldn’t generally look towards cutting unnecessary costs, as there are many other alternatives. Instead, they should look to cut costs in other more functional ways, such as unifying their communications.

Platforms, such as Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, have been designed to improve the way that teams work together, so they can achieve their goal effectively. As such, here are a number of ways that WebEx can save you both time and money.

Business motivators

There are numerous ways that WebEx Meeting Center can benefit your business, from reducing the need for physical meeting rooms in shared spaces to saving money on transport. Cisco WebEx can offer businesses general improvements in communications and the productivity of team’s working together, while evolving into a more efficient online as an organisation.

Best of all, though, it saves you the most valuable currency of all; time. Internal meetings can be scheduled, conducted and completed remotely in no time, external meetings no longer have to be in a physical meeting place; it’s all done through the cloud. Cisco WebEx Meeting Center does require users to have a subscription, though, but it’s a small price to pay to introduce an accessible and fresh approach to business meetings.

No need to buy or hire IT equipment

Now that technology has become engrained in the business world, despite all of its benefits and appeals, it has done so at a price. Purchasing the necessary IT equipment for your business can be a costly venture, but it’s crucial in order to get the most out of your employees. Instead, businesses should be looking towards more future-proof and innovative technologies that can be easily upgraded without the need for a complete overhaul every few years.

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center eliminates the need to buy or hire more equipment, as it combines everything you need for team communication and collaboration. Simply share content via an audio video conference or conduct meetings from any device, anywhere in the world, and stay connected with your team at a fraction of the cost. Cisco WebEx can actively save you money through improved efficiency and effectiveness of how your team collaborate together via web/desktop conferencing.


There are plenty of common meeting room problems that people experience as a consequence of the use of technology, and most organisations will have specific IT departments that will deal with these issues at any given time. However, in larger organisations the downtime could ruin the meeting, as it’s not always guaranteed that an IT technician will be on-hand to resolve the problem. As such, there are many implications that this can have on both the employee and the business, whether it be emotional or financial, that could be avoided through more user-friendly technology.


In short, there are literally hundreds of ways that Cisco WebEx Meeting Center could save you both time and money, but it’ll also improve the quality and productivity of your meetings too. With remote access from your desk, home or anywhere else in the world, you’ll always be connected with your team.