Online casino sector going from strength to strength

“Everyone likes a flutter.” So said a recent blog about Premiership football odds, and while it might sound like the sort of cliché writers use to make a point, there is growing evidence that the claim is quite literally true, and we are turning into a nation – or even a world – of keen gamblers.

How else can we explain the meteoric rise of the online casino sector and the fact that with every passing day, the number of sites like this continue to grow, and yet the market seems easily able to expand and accept them?

online casino sector

The perfect storm

The past year or two has seen a number of factors come together, which have contributed to this explosion in the online casino sector. On the one hand, gaming has moved out of the teenage bedroom and cemented its place in the public consciousness as a bona fide leisure pastime, accessible to all ages, sexes and demographics. At the same time, the smartphone revolution has arrived, bringing gaming on the go and app-based online gaming to the masses.

These two factors have combined to create a new adult gaming market with time and opportunity to indulge their pastime, for example while sitting on the train on their daily commute. The market has literally appeared from nothing, and its size is something that could never have been predicted.

Which brings us to that phrase “everyone likes a flutter.” It gains even more meaning when you consider that the internet sites have an international reach with participants logging in from across Europe and beyond.

Increased competition is good news for gamblers

Switch on the television or go online, and within minutes, you will see an ad for another new online casino or sports betting site. The online casino database at gives a good idea of the sheer volume of providers in this thriving industry, and so much choice can only spell good news for gamblers.

With all this competition, the sites are falling over each other to attract the attention of punters, offering an ever-growing range of free spins, no deposit bonuses and the like. This in turn attracts more new players, tempted by the zero risk possibilities of giving the games a try without actually having to gamble with their own money.

Driving innovation

Of course, there are more ways of attracting business than offering something for nothing, effective strategy though that might be. The online casinos are leveraging every new technology to gain an edge.

Today’s app-driven approach to gaming is a case in point. More than 40 percent of the global gaming market comes via mobile devices, and by 2020, it will be more than half. The provider who creates the best and most realistic casino app will attract the most loyal repeat customers, regardless of those new member offers and giveaways.

Perhaps the most interesting innovation is still to come, however. The casino market lends itself perfectly to the new world of virtual reality. Some sites are already exploring this technology, but as it continues to evolve, the virtual casinos of tomorrow could be intriguing places indeed.