4 must-have items for female execs

Female executives should be judged according to their talent and aptitude rather than their choice of clothing.

But provided you’re empowered to wear the clothes you think are appropriate, your wardrobe could be an important ally throughout your career.

If you’re a woman climbing the career ladder, having the right outfits and accessories to hand helps you feel confident as you make connections and close deals.

With that in mind, here are four must-have items for female execs.

Business suit

Although dress codes are becoming less formal, a classic business suit is a no brainer if you want to feel completely in control in any corporate environment.

A black, grey or navy version can be combined with different patterned or self-coloured blouses to suit more or less formal occasions.

And you can match with killer heels, trendy brogues or even cute baseball shoes for a post-modern vibe.

Having a business suit at your disposal is still a smart move — even as corporate culture becomes more casual.

Evening wear

If you’re a fan of female style you might want to have an evening dress in your armoury that’s suitable for an elegant evening event.

Your team might end up winning internal and external accolades — so you’ll want to look like a preened pro when you lead them up to the podium to make acceptance speeches.

Selecting a comfortable dress with a touch of glamour will stand you in good stead on those corporate red carpets. Occasion dresses are extremely popular and can make you stand out in a crowd.

Laptop bag

Finding a feminine laptop bag was once akin to the quest for the Holy Grail — as if designers presumed that all laptop owners were either male or females with no taste.

But a range of designers have now joined the 21st century and offer luxe leather styles large enough to accommodate your laptop as well as other everyday essentials.

And that means you don’t need to struggle to work with an unsightly backpack on your back that would look more at home halfway up a mountain.

A number of styles and finishes are available— so you won’t struggle to choose a couple of models that match your favourite power suits.

Gym trainers

Whether you wear flats or heels to work you should definitely invest in a decent pair of trainers to wear while you pound the pavements between meetings or even slip on secretly under your desk to rest your feet.

If you favour a certain type of physical training such as CrossFit or Boxercise, choose a pair that double-up as your gym shoes. But you might want to invest in a good pair of running or walking sneakers that you use exclusively for work.

Your toes will thank you for treating them to some comfortable trainers — trust us.

These four must-have items for female execs will help you to take on the corporate world and win.

What’s your essential office item? Share your stories in the comments section.