Why PR blockchain matters

Blockchain is a new technology on which cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum run on. it is a system of distributed computers, each called a block, that compute and record the same information. As a result, there is no need for a third-party to oversee any transaction since no one individual can change the details.

Besides cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology has potential for application in various industries including in conducting tamper proof elections, creating a unified patient-doctor database, just to mention a few. Even with so much potential, however, the technology largely remains unknown and misunderstood by many, hence the need for PR blockchain (click here for more information).

The importance of PR blockchain

The average citizen often has a difficult time understanding new technologies, remember the internet in the 1990’s? Blockchain is an even more foreign idea, meaning that it is more difficult for people to understand how it works such that it becomes common language. Below are some of the reasons why public relations in this new frontier is crucial in achieving this feat.

  • For clarification

In most circles, when talking about advancements in the internet, the discussion will be limited to services such as social media sites or email. That is the reason why the average citizen will probably ignore anything concerning blockchain since it sounds to alien. PR blockchain allows startups and marketers to take the opportunity to remove this confusion by explaining the technology and how it works in terms normal people can relate to.

  • Market differentiation and positioning

PR is crucial since it allows startups in the blockchain industry to differentiate themselves as safe, legal and profitable entities. Over the years, companies such as Bitcoin have lost money due to hacking. Through PR, companies can distance themselves from such negative rhetoric and formulate new, more positive narratives.

  • Making connections

A lot of blockchain-based companies often miss the opportunity to use public relation tactics such as making guest post outreach and speaking at conferences or events in the industry. This can be a great platform for building new connections and have more control over the discussion surrounding your products, company and industry at large.

  • Establishing an authoritative voice in the industry

Besides speaking at events, creating great and regular content on some of the contentious topics on blockchain can help you establish yourself and company as thought leader in the field. This is another reason why PR matters, since it will help increase traffic to your online space (website and social media), which can in turn generate leads through the “call to action” links in your blogs/articles.

  • Helps establish a great web presence

A couple of strategic blog mentions and posts are enough to thrust your company’s profile from the tenth to the first or second pages in search engines such as Google. As a result, good PR for blockchain is key in ensuring a robust web-presence, which is critical in this industry which is totally based online.

As clearly shown above, PR blockchain matters. As a matter of fact, it is one of the key ingredients of success for any company that runs on blockchain technology.