Looking to sell your business? How BCMS can help

The stakes are undeniably high when you’re gearing up to sell your business, so it’s natural to be nervous about what the future holds. However, there is a way to bring your stress levels down while at the same time helping to ensure you achieve the best outcome – and that’s to enlist the help of a specialist company that can guide you through the sales process.

For example, BCMS has more than 25 years of experience in helping clients of all sizes and in all sectors to sell. Here, we take a look at how this organisation can assist you and the advantages that using its services can bring.

Ensuring you’re in a strong position to sell

BCMS understands the importance of preparing every last detail ahead of a sale and, to this end, it will provide you with a specialist team to ensure you’re fully ready. These experts will help you in a number of ways, including by preparing credible and forward-thinking business plans and documentation that focusses on the benefits of acquisition. This will ensure your business is packaged as attractively as possible for prospective buyers.

The company will also advise you and coach you on how to behave when you meet acquirers, giving you greater confidence and ensuring these exchanges run as smoothly as possible.

Finding you the right buyer

To help you achieve a favourable sale, BCMS will reach out to acquirers far and wide. It has personnel in 26 countries who speak 21 languages and it is in dialogue with well over 70,000 acquirers each year, putting it in a strong position to get the attention you want for your business. In addition, its research team uses the world’s leading business intelligence, as well as its own in-house database to generate a list of possible acquirers.

Meanwhile, in order to maintain the highest standards of confidentiality, it will only share information about your company’s identity with acquirers once they have signed binding non-disclosure agreements and it won’t approach potential buyers without your prior approval.

Maximising the value of your company

To maximise the value of your business, BCMS will create a sense of competition by bringing multiple interested parties to the meeting table. It will also develop a compelling business case, and it will use an experienced deal negotiator to ensure good communication between both parties. Once an offer has been agreed, it will assist with the crucial stage of due diligence and help the deal to progress past any points of contention that might arise.

By offering these services, BCMS can take much of the difficulty and stress out of the process of selling your business while also helping to ensure you get a deal that works for you.