One shot or two, and other difficult coffee shop decisions

Any business comes complete with its share of difficult decisions. Sometimes, they involve computer programs, or who you send in for big meetings. If you’re opening a coffee shop, they involve the fundamental choices you make in your early days. Which, in many ways, makes things harder. You don’t have time to ease yourself into the business. It really is a one-shot process. Or two, depending on how you take your coffee. Seriously, though, considering every step of your early process could lead to success.

And, to help you do just that, we’re going to consider some of the decisions you’ll face.


You may assume, in the modern age, that every coffee shop has to offer Wifi. Surely you’re alienating your audience otherwise, right? Yes and no. In fact, it isn’t unusual for coffee shops to decide on no-wifi policies these days. Such businesses focus on the idea of conversation and community instead. Admittedly, this alienates the ‘business’ type clientele. But, it encourages groups of people or those who prefer to chat than stare at their computers.

For the most part, you can settle on a decision here by considering your area. Do other coffee shops in the vicinity which offer wifi? If yes, a different angle could be best. That said, if you’re operating in a university town, you’d be foolish not to install internet. In that instance, you could easily get set up with something like Eir’s business WiFi solution. Companies like these will help you set up a private connection your customers are sure to pick above the others. It’s all about finding a gap in the market and filling it!


Okay, so drink isn’t exactly a choice. A coffee shop without coffee is, obviously, destined to fail from the off. But, you do need to decide whether you want to sell food as well. And, if you do, how far do you want to take it? You could transform into a bistro which offers small nibbles and tapas. Or, you might want to stick with cakes and toasties. The main thing to consider is the extra cost vs. the extra custom. Serving food does increase your earning potential. But, you’d also need to pay for ingredients and chefs. It may be worth sending out a survey to see whether the move would pay off in the long-run.


And of course, the most crucial coffee shop question of all: capsule coffee, or bean? There are some fantastic capsule coffee machines on the market which are fast, convenient, and could work for you. Then again, some coffee shops, such as Costa, rely on their specific coffee beans. And, some customers do look out for that coffee bean smell which you don’t get from capsules. Again, your preference should depend on your customers. Are they after a quick coffee or an authentic experience? Study the coffee shops already making a go of things to understand what path you should take. Then, don’t hesitate to get started.