Secure your business data with effective identity and access management solutions

Identity and Access Management solutions (known as IAM Solutions for short) ensure that only the right people get to access a given piece of information. That might be an individual employee’s payroll details, or it might be a database of customer information or a set of sensitive financial documents that are only destined for the eyes of CEOs and board members. Every business should look in to IAM Solutions, and regularly evaluate and update the solutions that you have in place.


The four functions of a good IAM solution

IAM solutions do not just restrict and enable access to certain areas of your business. They perform multiple other functions, including:

  • Monitoring which employees log on to which areas of your business’s IT system.
  • Logging attempted data breaches.
  • Automatically alerting management and IT security staff about security breaches, or attempted breaches.
  • Providing each employee with their own unique account, and thus helping to preserve and protect their identity within the business

IAM systems can be tiered, so that only a handful of managerial staff have access to the most classified information about a company. They can also be individualised so that only individual employees can access their own employee accounts.

The importance of good IT support

With any digital security system, no matter how watertight it is, there will still be a few occasions where expert help is required. Perhaps an employee has forgotten their password and locked themselves out of all of their accounts, for instance, or maybe there has been an attempted hack of your system (something that happened to around 45% of SMEs in 2016) and your IAM infrastructure needs to be checked and upgraded. Here, having an on site IT security team will enable you to respond to these issues in real time. You can also stay abreast of cyber security topics yourself.

Arrange a comprehensive IAM solution for your company now

Getting an IAM solutions expert to implement this security tool for your business is no hassle at all. IAM can become part of your business overnight, and employees will quickly adjust to the new system. You can also roll out a training programme for your staff which will teach them to use IAM, and which will also guide them in ways to keep your company – and themselves as individuals – safe from cyber threats.