A smartphone for every entrepreneur

Reach down into your pocket right now, probably the righthand side one, and you will find your smartphone, that little device that is so great at making your procrastinate while simultaneously making you compare your behind-the-scenes footage to everyone else’s highlight reels. But this doesn’t have to be your smartphone’s sole ability. Oh no. With the right apps, a smartphone can easily become the entrepreneur’s best friend.

Every entrepreneur’s to-do list looks like a sky full of stars – endless – and that can make it overwhelming. One doesn’t even know where to start most of the time. So, without further ado, here are the apps you need to download today to help your business tomorrow:

  1. Accompany is awesome

This is kind of like having a chief of staff, but an awesome Chief of Staff not a Prince Reebus type. Essentially, this app helps you to prepare for the big meetings by emailing you a very concise briefing beforehand full of on-point information that will help you succeed. It works by linking everything it can – mobile calendar, email accounts, and social media – to create summaries of people.

  1. Pocket is perfect

We live in a hectic time where we wish we had more time, especially for reading those articles we stumble across right before a meeting. That is where Pocket steps in. It allows you to save articles, videos and just about any other content for later so that you don’t miss or forget anything. The best part: you can access anything you have saved offline too.

  1. iTalk by Griffin

Trying to take notes while still maintaining the conversation at a client meeting is no easy feat, which is where having a dictaphone comes in. Well, the best of the best at getting the most out of your electret microphone is the Griffin iTalk, which not only records mono at three levels but also allows you to email it, save it Dropbox or even publish it on Soundcloud right from the app. Just make sure you get the $1.99 version because the extra storage is well worth it.

  1. Slack is super

There are now so many ways in which a team can communicate. What Slack does is gather all of these group exchanges and stores them in one place, making it much easy to obtain the information and search for it. Oh, and it is cloud-based, which a lot of people will find is essential. And to help you with a little bit of social-proofing, it is now the fastest growing B2B app out there.

  1. Trello is terrific

This collaboration tool is amazing for teams as it allows everyone to see just what projects are ongoing, what stage they are at, when they are due and who is working on them. Trello allows you to better prioritize, and that can sometimes be the toughest part of being an entrepreneur. One quick glance and you will know what is left to do on what project. It also helps you oversee what those in your team should be doing, and that level of audit is rather desirable.