Top 9 business ideas for affordable startups

Startups have proven to be an excellent business format for any individual wishing to develop their ideas independently but it has not always been affordable. Yet, in the age of advanced technology, AI and the Internet to make all this accessible, it may seem like there is no further need for such ventures.

The top UK online casino games may be able to entice you with their fast and guaranteed payouts, but the following affordable ideas for startups could turn into your personal jackpot if you are willing to put in enough work.

affordable startups

Translation services

Global mobility has been greatly improved and increased with the latest inventions in transport. This is evident in both individuals and entire businesses, both of which require translation services to optimize localization.

Alternative fitness services

The growing demand for alternative fitness options is an established trend for the past few years. It has resulted in the creation of various combinations between yoga, pilates, aerobics and virtually any other physical activity. Setting your mind to find the next ultimate fitness combination will definitely prove a successful business idea in no time.

Financial consultancy firms

This is an excellent idea for those holding a degree in some field of Economics but without a fitting job opportunity. Niche businesses do have their own risks (like a smaller client base), but this business model has great potential in the long run, as it allows you to expand focus on additional financial aspects.


It is a combination of technology with an established sphere of everyday life – insurance, which is bound to be most profitable in financially developed regions.

Multicultural food trucks

The tendency to embrace multicultural beliefs is as powerful as ever, and there is no doubt that food trucks have been able to turn a profit ever since their invention. Hence, this combination is both an affordable and largely popular idea.

Virtual reality headsets

Virtual reality technology has finally been perfected, and people are definitely eager to experience it for themselves. A startup dedicated to providing them a piece of this world is a good stepping stone for your tech-related business venture.

Disaster consulting services

While it may appear cruel to profit from such ordeals, there has been an increased demand for disaster consultants. Climate changes as the most powerful factor have resulted in all kinds of weather, and people are looking for consultants to advise them on, damage-control measures.

Green consulting services

The other side of natural disasters can also serve as a successful business idea. Setting up a green consulting service nowadays is an advisable move, for the same reasons as the previous business idea on the list. With the increasing number of companies worried about their carbon footprint, business and nature are bound to blossom.

Ghostwriting services

This is an increasingly popular practice for producing content in modern times. Books, blogs, or simply social media posts are largely the work of ghostwriters, but bear the signature of a famous persona to attract more attention. It can turn anyone with creative writing skills into a successful businessman.