Why you should still use physical business cards in 2017

There are a number of reasons why physical business cards are still vital in 2017, but the most important is the damaging impersonality of digital contact information. Although almost everything we do to broadly promote our businesses and attract leads is on the web – be it email marketing campaigns, website Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or algorithmic focused advertising via Social Media – nothing can replace the effectiveness of making a genuine, physical connection with a potential client.

As successful networking involves creating a positive, lasting impression, tapping your details into a phone or scribbling your number on a napkin are both poor ways to stand out from the competition. Instead, a high quality, creative business card from HelloPrint will ensure that you are remembered.

Why paper-based communication is still relevant

Well thought-out business cards create a good first impression, and as leads can be generated in any number of places – social events, conferences, or even in an airport lounge – you should always have a stack to hand so that your chance meeting can be advanced to an opportunity to sell. The impersonality of passing on your details digitally means that there is no visual link to your name, company or services if your new acquaintance looks at the entry later: Who is this person? Why is their number in my phone? Where did this napkin come from? Instead of being forgotten, be the potential supplier who was professionally prepared with an easy-to-read, branded business card with all your contact details in a handy format.

Make your brand stick, and open the door to a follow-up

Although most prospects now research potential service providers online, the crowded marketplace in many sectors makes it difficult for all but the biggest brands to be the default choice. Traditional methods of cold lead-sourcing are now outdated as the shift towards more mobile working environments means that unrecognized telephone contact is rarely welcome, breaking the barrier of a crowded inbox is just as difficult (and could see your emails permanently relegated to the junk folder), and decision makers are busier than ever, so getting through to them requires personal recognition. A mutual exchange of business cards, however, lends itself well to a welcomed (rather than intrusive) follow-up contact, and a greater chance of being put to the top of the supplier list.

Present yourself positively by being prepared

If you were offered the choice of doing business with someone who is scrabbling for a pen and paper, or someone who has a contact card to hand, you would be sure to pick the one who was prepared. As success is often defined as your Return on Investment (ROI), the act of making a connection, handing out a business card, and placing yourself in a position to be able to contend for business is possibly the most cost-efficient way to build growth. So rather than leaving a crumpled napkin or an anonymous and forgettable phone entry as your marker, leave a permanent and positive impression by choosing the perfect business card from HelloPrint today.