4 career options (That didn’t exist 20 years ago)

The idea of “future proofing” your career is an excellent one, but what exactly does “future proof” mean? After all, the world changes at the drop of a hat, technology evolves, and everything that we once knew to be true gets called into question– so how can you ever truly be ready for what the future has to bring?

Nothing makes this point quite so clearly as examining the career options, that just outright didn’t exist 20 years ago. Given that these occupations are clearly surfing a technological wave, perhaps it’s safe to assume that these new, innovative jobs have a better chance of remaining relevant throughout your career.

So if you want to hitch your career to an occupation that has emerged through recent changes in how we live and work, these options might be a good place to begin…

#1 – Commercial Drone Pilot

20 years ago we had flying model helicopters, but they were novelty toys and little else.

The modern world has a very different use in mind for similar, though greatly advanced, technology. TV shows rely on drones for those panoramic shots we all love, and it’s thought that Amazon and Google are currently investigating ways to use drones for deliveries. It’s fair to say that drones seem to have a huge role to play in our future.

Drone piloting is a specialist skill that requires certification through the likes of Uplift Drone Training. However, if you obtain a license, there’s myriad different fields you may eventually be able to work in.

#2 – SEO Specialist

Google Inc didn’t exist 20 years ago; we lived in a world without search engines, without being able to answer even the most specific of questions with a few keystrokes. It’s hard to imagine that world now, but it’s particularly tough for those who work in SEO; their job literally didn’t exist.

Search engine optimization is an area that any online business has to focus on if they wish to be successful. Given the necessity of SEO, this is definitely an area that’s worth looking into if you want a career that is going to last– for as long as Google is around, there will be SEO specialists needed to help businesses appear in the rankings.

#3 – Listening Officer

There’s a good chance you don’t even know what a listening officer is; it’s not a particularly well-known occupation. In essence, a listening officer is a member of a business whose job it is to monitor everything that is being said about a company online. They monitor social media (which didn’t exist 20 years ago), online reviews (ditto), and digital feedback from users (you guessed it).

If you have a background in social media and a keen eye for details, this is one relatively-new career options that you may want to consider.

#4 – Admissions Consultant

Finally, to prevent this article being about nothing but tech, a job that didn’t exist 20 years ago that is more a nod to a cultural change than a technological one. Admissions consultants help high school students prepare their applications for college; 20 years ago, that’s something that students just had to do for themselves.

So, do you think any of the above options might tempt you to examine your career prospects and encourage you to step into the future?