5 ideas for a home decor business

If you have a flair for creative interior decorating, you could use your skill to start your own home decor business.

Whereas an interior designer may have studied at college for a recognised qualification, you don’t necessarily have to be qualified to offer home decor services or start a business. You could for example turn your talent and passion for home window dressing into a specialised business.

home decor businessHere are five ideas you can use to start your very own home decor business.

1. Home window dresser

If curtains and blinds are your thing, then setting yourself up as a home window dresser would be a great place to start from. If you are good with a sewing machine you could even offer customised, made to measure curtains.

To offer this service you should be well versed in the different types of window blinds, such as Roman, Roller, Velux, Vertical, Venetian and conservatory blinds. You should be able to accurately measure up for curtains or blinds and have a knack for choosing the right style, fabric and colours to suit the customers existing décor.

2. Home accessories organiser

Having a talent for turning a house into a home can be a very valuable skill. Many time-poor executives and business people literally don’t have the time or often the skill to turn a flat or apartment into a place that they can call home. You could offer you services to furnish a bland and empty space with all the comforts of home, such as window dressing, rugs, coffee tables, cushions, decorations, kitchenware, dining sets and cutlery.

3. Whole room or whole home makeovers

You could either offer your services to pull together a single room, or an entire house or flat. To do this you would need to be a good communicator and be able to read your client quickly to establish their likes, dislikes and needs. All decorating jobs begin with a conversation between you and your decorator.

4. Furniture re-upholsterer

Sometimes a client may want their existing furniture re-upholstering to fit with a new home colour scheme rather than buying brand-new furniture. If you are good at re-upholstery and have an eye for choosing the right fabrics and colours to match with a home, then this could be the service for you.

5. Eco-friendly home decor services

With more people becoming interested in the environment and wanting to do their bit to save the planet, you could offer an eco-friendly home decor service with an ethos to only use ‘Green’ environmentally friendly products, or even re-cycled or up-cycled furniture and fabrics.