Tips for young entrepreneurs interested in university

So, you’re an entrepreneur looking at going to university, but you’re unsure of how to make the best decision. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

The most obvious step as entrepreneurs to take before deciding on a university is to compare universities by making a list of every place that offers the course you want to take. But how do you do this effectively?

  1. Visit as many universities as you can. Of course, this may be tedious and costly if you’re having to travel far, but in the long term, it’ll greatly help sway your decision when it comes time. Physically visiting a place allows you to get a feel for the atmosphere and whether or not you’d feel comfortable spending most of your time there.
  2. Check out the courses modules properly and consider whether you will enjoy them. This is an imperative step to take and often one that gets pushed aside. Understanding what you’re going to be getting yourself into will give you an idea of what life at that university will entail.
  3. Interview tutors and lecturers to find out if you would enjoy their style of teaching. You’ll be interviewed when you apply for a course so that the university can decide if you are suitable for the course. However, before this happens we would suggest finding out about your potential tutors and lecturers. Once you’ve spoken to them you’ll be able to gain an understanding of their teaching style and whether you can learn well from their ways.
  4. Ask previous years students what the course is like and graduates to find out how they’ve found life after graduating is. Ask them questions, like have they landed the career they set out to have and do they consider themselves successful? It’s always useful to get others point of view who has been through a similar experience as you’re preparing to get MBA at SCU.
  5. Choose something that you know you’ll still want to learn about, even with a hangover after a big night out! Not that we’re encouraging drinking, but in case you do enjoy having a night out every once in a while, be prepared to have a long lecture the morning after.
  6. Get information about accommodation for every year – what will you do after university dorms are available for your year?
  7. Consider how you will travel to and from university, especially after you move away from the university dorms.
  8. Make sure there are proper support networks available that will be useful to you.
  9. There are courses you can take called pre-university schemes – you’ll gain an idea of what the workload will be like and experience what it’s like to do mainly independent learning.
  10. Career prospects – Keep in mind what you’ll need to learn in order to reach your career goal.
  11. Money – maybe it will work out cheaper to stay closer to home or even stay at home instead of paying for accommodation.
  12. Research the local industries that you might interest you after graduating so that you can know what is potentially available to you after graduating.

Good luck on your higher education journey! Let us know if you have any more tips for young entrepreneurs interested in university.