eCards. Marketing gimmick or genuine alternative to traditional greeting cards?

In 2017, is it still shocking to consider sending out eCards over the traditional method?

Christmas Ecards

When researching this article I came across an article from the Guardian, written in 2014 asking then whether it was the year ‘Christmas card died?’. Sales for traditional Christmas cards are in decline in the UK. Back in 2014 it was the price of stamps and changing trends of the younger generation put to blame for the decline in Christmas cards sales. In 2017 little has changed. It is becoming increasingly popular among people to send electronic cards.

I found this surprising as I had always thought the eCard was looked upon by most as a festive gesture used by corporations in Christmas marketing campaigns.

Given the throw away and somewhat cold nature of email it is not surprising to learn that people still prefers receiving the traditional greeting card. Research from a poll commissioned by the Royal Mail found that 72 per cent of people prefer to receive a traditional card to any electronic festive greeting.

So is the decline in sales of traditional greeting card nothing more or less than a lack of festive cheer shown by a younger digital generation?

Free Christmas eCards designs

One poll suggested that almost half of young professionals, do not see the need to send a festive card in any format whatsoever. Just under 50% will simply send a text to their friends and family, with the majority of the rest using social media to dish out festive cheer. Perhaps the eCard revolution is exactly what is needed to combat this attitude and continue the traditions of sending one another Christmas greetings in the digital age.

Firstly, and probably most decisively in the current climate, it is much cheaper to send electronic cards than traditional paper greeting cards. There are many companies offering Free Christmas eCards designs with wonderfully animated festive scenes. All you need to do is download a template, customise it any way you see fit and send it over your normal email channel. What could be easier?

eCards are also extremely flexible. You can adapt them easily with a personal message, image, colours logos, tailor to a specific location, add links to website, you name it (…also did we mention they were free!).

Most importantly electronic cards are much more environmentally friendly. More than one billion Christmas cards are likely to be dumped or burnt this Christmas. Considering that large sum of waste, along waste generated by wrapping paper, food, even the Christmas tree itself, it can only be a positive decision to settle for cards in your inbox rather than on your mantelpiece this Christmas.