Commercial LED lighting options ideal for UK Businesses

Leading UK commercial LED lighting supplier Lightrabbit detail the most popular commercial LED lights on sale online which are ideal for UK businesses nationwide.

Commercial LED lighting is important for businesses across the UK to be energy efficient and reliable.

commercial LED lightingWhy should businesses install commercial LED lighting?

Installing LED lighting is a simple and fast way to save any business money. Eco friendly, lowering power consumption and energy use whilst improving the green credentials of a business are just some of the key benefits to installing LED lights in a business or commercial building.

Here are the top 3 LED lighting choices for commercial properties:

1. LED panel lights; Above your head yet under budget!

LED panel lights are some of the most popular forms of commercial LED lighting in the UK with offices, public buildings, hotels, pubs and many shop units currently using these forms of lighting panels to illuminate their spaces. From lighting up displays to ensuring that a workforce can see clearly, LED panel are one of the most versatile and cheapest forms of LED lighting on sale. Popular sizes of LED panel lights include 600x600mm LED panels and 1200×600 LED panel lights, however when looking to install 1200×600 panels, business owners can find it cheaper to install two 600x600mm panel lights as these units are cheaper to purchase and are cheaper to manufacture yet offer the same amount of light output as the equivalent 1200x600mm LED panels.

2. Commercial LED high bay lights; Ideal for warehouses & industrial units

LED high bay lights offer massive savings in electricity consumption when compared to traditional sodium-halide high bay lamps. Often installed in warehouses or commercial and industrial units, LED high bay lights are powerful, long lasting and modern alternatives to tube or SON lamps. Due to the high location and somewhat problematic installation of high bay lamps, access and unexpected replacement of these lights can cost businesses both down time and money. LED high bay lights offer businesses over 50,000 hours of light and so the cost of installations as well as the cost of the lamps themselves costs can easilybe  recouped by a business within this time.

3. LED tube lights; brightening up the darkest of spaces…

LED tube lights and LED tri proof lights appeal to many businesses here in the UK and make up the third most ordered commercial LED lighting option from Lightrabbit. Suitable for a range of business premises LED tube lights are installed everywhere from porta cabins to large office spaces and offer users a long and wide beam angle ideal for lighting up large spaces efficiently – with the most common LED tube light in the UK being an 18W T8 1200mm LED replacement. Triproof LED tube lights are mostly found in hazardous areas such as oil rigs and mining facilities, but these lights are becoming more common in body work and engineering workshops due to their three tier protection level, dust, water and vapour are unable to penetrate these light fittings and as such replacement LED tri proof tube lights are an ideal option for any business which has to deal with harsh conditions throughout its operating area.

Changing any business over to LED lights is easy and comes with the added benefits of reducing carbon footprints and improving energy efficiency so as to lower energy bills. Commercial premises have the most to gain from swapping over to LEDs due to the high energy tariffs which are levied during working hours. To get started with LED lights all a business owner or employee has to do is catalogue the present light fittings and bulb bases located throughout the building. Once a list of current lighting has been made, it is simply a case of finding like for like replacement LEDs online and fitting the new lamps into existing light fittings. As soon new LEDs are in place every business can start saving money.