How to host an unforgettable corporate event

Hosting a corporate event is no easy task, as there will be so many things to plan and a lot of pressure on your shoulders to get it right. Yet, the event has the potential to raise your profile and drive a considerable amount of business in your direction. To ensure your guests have a superb time, read the following advice on how to host an unforgettable corporate event.

Identify the event’s goals

A corporate event can establish your business as an industry leader, if you plan it well. You, therefore, need to host an event with purpose. To do so, you will need to think about what you hope your guests will say and feel once it is over. You should then host an event with the goals in mind.

Dispel negative misconceptions

All companies earn a positive or negative reputation. Think carefully about your business’s perceived weaknesses, and work with an event planner to dispel the misconceptions about your business. For example, if you lack credibility within an industry, hire high-profile guest speakers to boost your company’s integrity.

Market the event

Corporate events should be an essential aspect of a marketing strategy, as they can boost brand recognition, provide great networking opportunities and increase your PR coverage. You should strive to host an event that generates attention from the press. For example, you could host a charity fundraising event, or could invite famous faces to present awards at an industry ceremony. So, look beyond advertising on social media and on your website, and aim to increase interest by connecting with journalists, editors and broadcasters.

Book entertainment

Ensure your guests are never bored throughout the event by booking exceptional entertainment. If the event is too formal, you can guarantee your attendees will be heading straight for the door as soon as possible. So, have your guests laughing and dancing from start to finish. For example, you could visit Entertainment Nation to hire a band to provide an evening your guests will remember for all the right reasons.

Consider your brand

Never take your eye off the ball when it comes to your business. A corporate event is so much more than a party for your network. It must reflect your brand to grow your business. You must, therefore, pick a venue, entertainer and theme that complements your business. These options could include the best London venues, someone who matches your company’s vibe, and a theme that grabs attention. Create a cohesive marketing campaign and venue setting that will accurately reflect your company and its core values in a creative yet subtle manner.

Boost attendance

Are you worried no-one will turn up to your corporate event? If so, consider sending taxis to pick up guests and take them home, as they will be more likely to attend the event if they know they will have a little freedom to drink and have a good time. Also, aim to stay in touch with potential guests for confirmation they will be attending the event, and pick a venue and theme that will appeal to your guests.