Why should UK business invest in SEO for 2018

Leeds based SEO company Just Link Building offer their thoughts on digital marketing in 2018 and what the new year may bring for business and commercial websites here in the UK.

SEO in 2018 will become more important than ever. Every business should have SEO on their mind when looking at their 2018 investments.

SEO 2018Investing in local SEO throughout 2018

Localisation updates (made heavily by search engines since 2016) offer local businesses the chance to compete on a local level. Connecting local businesses with local customers (from within a given catchment area) is something which many small to medium sized enterprises will enjoy. National businesses or websites competing on a national level should also take note of these changes. With local SEO strategies look destined to form one of the best areas to invest in in 2018 due to the fact that conversions are more likely to occur from potential customers which are geographically close by to a business premises.

The growth of voice search in 2018

2017 has seen a plethora of changes made by search engines around voice prompted search. Google Home Mini and Amazons Echo Dot are tipped to be one of this year’s hottest Christmas presents and the growth in this area of smart home technology shall set the tone online for many years to come as well as change the shape of how users interact with Google and the internet generally. Ensuring that a website has adapted its On Page Content to capture voice searching users is something which many UK businesses should consider for 2018.

Paid social media & PPC in 2018

As Millennials and Generation X (social media heaviest user base) slowly creep into the world of employment, disposable incomes for these groups of people look set to rise in the coming years, 2018 and beyond. Social media generally and paid advertising in social media platforms is one area which has seen continual growth since 2015 and related expansion by digital marketing agencies. Ensuring that both on page content marketing activities and the social media marketing experience present a united feel or harmony is one area where UK businesses should focus throughout 2018. Increasing paid social media marketing spends is not always necessary for businesses providing that all online marketing incentives follow a similar strategy. By taking a step back and through analysing a businesses overall online marketing experience, it is possible to reduce paid social media budgets yet still achieve a similar level of traffic and conversions from these social style websites into 2018 and beyond.

Online marketing and primarily SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is something which many UK businesses already invest heavily in and 2018 looks set to be another Big Year in Search according to UK link building service provider Just Link Building. With more algorithm updates centring on ‘Localisation’ – Google and many other search engines continue to tweak their services to reflect the continual investment growth in digital marketing.