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With the rising popularity of E-commerce and online shopping, times are hard for brick and mortar businesses. Not only are you up against cheaper prices (as online businesses don’t have to fork out expenses such as commercial rent and bills), but they have the upper hand of being open 24/7. But not to worry. The days of brick and mortar businesses aren’t over quite yet.

You just need to know how to direct some positive consumer attention your way. Here are a few things to try out!

Roller banners

Roller banners are a simple to use pop up piece of advertisement that can be placed near enough anywhere. While they work best indoors out of the way of winds (which are likely to knock them over), they can be waterproof and resist rain, sleet, and snow if needs be. It’s the size and positioning of roller banners that can make them pretty stand out. Think about it: they’re usually about seven foot tall and placed on the ground. This means that their content is directly in people’s eyeline when they’re walking about. They are also useful for any exhibitions that you may attend with your wares and services, as they can be easily transported and stood up next to your stand or stall space. Make sure that you display offers on there and don’t forget to include your brand name, logo, and contact details, should someone wish to take note and get in touch at a later date. You can purchase roller banners here.


Billboards will cost you a little more, but there’s good reason for that. They are generally large and their placement is often near roadsides where people will notice them while stuck in traffic or waiting at lights. The fact that these advertisements are placed outdoors also means that you have constant exposure. People will be around at all times of the day and night. If your advertisements are located inside retail spaces or other indoor spaces, they will have closing times where your adverts are cut off from public view. Billboards eradicate this problem. If someone has seen your advert and wants to return to it, they’ll know where to find it too! If you are going to make use of billboard advertising, you need to come up with a pretty good idea beforehand. People are used to having adverts pushed on them. So you need something unique and innovative in order to stand out from the crowd.

Online advertising

Even if you don’t operate sales or services online, you can make use of online advertising. You want to be where customers are looking as often as possible. Now take a look around yourself in any given public situation. People are likely to have their heads in their phones. Scrolling through web pages and social media at all times of day and night. Find out what kind of sites and apps your target market uses the most and pay to have advertisements placed there. This can prove just as beneficial as physical, tangible advertising.

Use these different methods to direct as much attention to your tangible business as possible. Remember that the more exposure you have, the more customers you will see through your doors and the more profit you will generate!


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