Five reasons you need to work in FMCG

If you are interested in working in a new industry it is definitely worth considering the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. If you have never heard of FMCG, it refers to those products that are very quickly manufactured and sold – those that you would find on the shelves of your supermarket and use every day at home.

In economic times that are very uncertain for the majority of businesses and organisations, the FMCG sector is only set to grow as consumers in emerging economies begin to have greater purchasing power and demand more products of this nature. This means that now is a fantastic time to make the transition to the industry. Here are five great reasons to make the move to FMCG.

The chance to work with the biggest brands

One of the real advantages of the FMCG industry is that is home to many of the world’s largest brands. Some household names that operate in the sector include Heinz, Unilever, Coca Cola and Nestle – they making many of our favourite products. Getting the chance to work for a brand that you personally use on a daily basis can really ground your work and provide you with fantastic job satisfaction.

Whether you have always wanted the prestige of working for a market leader or you are just attracted to the perks of being employed by one of the world’s largest companies, FMCG can open those doors to you. Of course it’s not all big brands – there is the chance to work for tiny startups and growing companies if that is something that you would prefer. The breadth of the jobs market in FMCG is huge.

Lots of employment prospects

You might be surprised at the size of the FMCG market; there really is a fantastic scope of employment prospects. The fact is that FMCG items are those that we use every day which means that the industry has been very resilient to downturns in the market, coming out of the recession relatively unscathed. Even potentially catastrophic events such as Brexit are more likely to create fantastic new opportunities rather than weaken the sector.

Testament to the strength of the industry is the number of agencies specialising in FMCG recruitment. If you are interested in getting into the industry it has never been easier.

A fast-paced and innovative sector

FMCG is an industry that thrives on innovation. That means that if you are interested in working in an environment that is always open to new ideas and unique ways of working, this could be the perfect place for you. You only need to think about how often your favourite products change their marketing gimmicks to understand that even the most successful products have to evolve with the times, and this is very much the case when you work in the industry.

Whether it is coming up with new ways to sell the product in the advertising department or developing new packaging ideas that benefit branding and exposure, FMCG can be a fantastic industry for those with a creative streak.

Opportunities around the world

As was mentioned earlier – FMCG is an industry found everywhere around the world. And as more economies develop, the demand for these products will only increase. It’s not surprising, then, to learn that FMCG businesses are typically worldwide ventures, selling the products across every continent. So if you are interested in getting the chance to work around the world, this industry is a great choice.

You might wish to take a job abroad for a unique working experience or just prefer a role with the chance to travel – either way this is one industry that will definitely have those roles available to you.

It’s not about qualifications, but skills

Unlike many industries that rely on qualifications and certificates, FMCG is more about what you can do and what you bring to the table. Working hard, thinking quickly and being good at your job are all you need to advance your career. So if you have never been focused on education or gaining qualifications, this is a sector where you have the chance to shine.