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You’ll know from all the networking events that you’ve been to that business cards are important for all entrepreneurs and business owners. You should give out your card to everyone you know as you never know when they will want to get in touch with you about some important business opportunities.

But can you imagine how many cards some people receive? I bet some people are given hundreds of business cards, especially if they are regularly at networking events! So, you need to make sure that yours stands out from all the rest.

Think it’s time you gave your set of business cards a bit of an upgrade? Here are some current business card trends that you should try and use.

Simple designs

When it comes to designing your business cards, keep things simple. After all, simplicity is key! Your contact details and company logo need to take centre stage on the cards, so don’t go for a busy and cluttered design. To ensure you don’t put any superfluous information on the cards, you should ask yourself what you would want to see on a card that someone gave you? You just need your name, email, phone number, and address. That’s it!

Copy your website design

It’s a good idea to get your business card designer to speak to the web design agency that created your website. As things stand at the minute, it looks like a big trend for 2018 is business cards that mirror a company’s website. So, if your designer speaks to your web designer, they will know exactly what kinds of features to use on the cards so that they both match.

Interactive cards

People love anything fun and quirky, and there is no reason why your business cards shouldn’t be these two things too! There are lots of features you can add to a card that will make it interactive. For instance, you might want to add little sliding pieces that the receiver can pull out slightly to reveal some new information. However, don’t go overboard, though, as you don’t want to turn your card into a puzzle. This could be quite off-putting for the receiver.

Digital business card

Lots of forward-thinking entrepreneurs are now experimenting with digital business cards. If these do take off, then they will be a lot more eco-friendly than current paper cards as it will drastically reduce a company’s paper use. There are now a few apps that let you create digital business cards. You design them in the app and can then send them to your online contacts.

Large typefaces

Want to make sure the receiver can’t miss your business name? Then ensure that you go big with your typefaces. You will find that come next year, text will dominate the space on a card. That way, the receiver can’t miss the information you want them to have!

As it looks right now, the traditional business card isn’t going to fall out of fashion any time soon. It’s going to change slightly!


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