Hiring employees: You CAN get the staff these days

Tired of hiring bad employees? It could be a case of not hiring from the right places.

Whilst internet job listing sites are the most convenient and popular form of advertising, they aren’t the only place people look for a job. Here are five ways that you can entice in the right kind of staff.

hiring the right staff these daysSearch on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media site for professional networking. It allows users to set up a profile, which is essentially a public resume. By searching through people on LinkedIn, you may find applicants that have the perfect experience and skills for your job. By connecting with them, you can then message them and see if they would be willing to come and work for you. Not everyone on LinkedIn will be looking for a job – it’s likely most people won’t be. However, you may just so happen to find someone in the process of leaving their job or thinking about finding a new career.

Advertise offline

The web isn’t the only place to advertise job vacancies. Many people still search for jobs in their local newspaper. Others may look at public bulletin boards or simply go job-hunting door-to-door. Don’t miss out on these potential applicants by only focusing your advertising online.

Use specialist recruitment companies

Local recruitment companies are useful for filling positions fast. If you’re looking for good quality employees however, you might be better off trying a specialist recruitment company such as Precision People Recruitment. It’s also possible to hire headhunters who go out scouting talent at universities, career fairs and networking events. You’ll have to pay slightly more money, but if the role has certain criteria that need to be met, it could be worthwhile using these professionals to find the right candidates rather relying on these candidates to find you out of luck.

Get help from your existing employees

Your existing staff may be able to recommend friends or previous colleagues from other jobs. It’s worth asking them if they know anyone and seeing if they can get in contact with these people. If an employee has already worked with them before, you’ll have a clear idea of their strengths and weaknesses.

Offer more incentives

Part of the reason you might not be getting the right staff could be due to the wording of your advertisements. If you’re simply demanding skills and experience but not offering any reasons to work at your company, many of the ideal candidates could be choosing not apply as your workplace may sound too demanding and not rewarding enough. A job after all is a two-way street and you should be trying to appeal to your applicants as much as they’re trying to appeal to you. Start listing some incentives such as bonuses, opportunities for promotion and the impact that your job has on employees. Emphasise things such as ‘friendly atmosphere’ and ‘rewarding work’ that will make your job feel like less of a chore. You should still highlight desired skills and experience, but detail some incentives too.