7 Scientific ways to de-stress at work

Large task lists, mounting emails and imminent deadlines can all add to the stress of working life. Add to that endless interruptions, early rises and cold mornings, and you will be dreaming of the weekend from Monday morning. To improve your professional life, read how to de-stress at work.

Declutter your desk

A cluttered desk will result in a cluttered mind. Clear your mindset by cleaning and organising your desk. So, remove those wrappers from your break, wash that dirty coffee cup and wipe away dust from your keyboard and monitor. You should even clean your digital desktop by deleting necessary files and scanning your computer for viruses.

Take a break

Everyone should take a break, even on their busiest days, as it can help to relieve your mind and body of stress and tension. Make time to grab something to eat, enjoy a drink and experience a little downtime, which will make you feel a million miles away from the stress of the office. So, go for a walk to a shop, dine at a restaurant, treat yourself and place a few bets through SportPesa Online Betting, play a game or call a loved one. You’ll feel more relaxed and motivated to return to work after a much-needed break.


Whenever working life feels too much to handle, simply close your eyes and visualise a calming scene. Imagine laying on a tropical beach abroad, sitting on the sofa or watching waves in the ocean, which can help you to relax and take control of your stress levels.

Personalise your desk with a plant

Houseplants do much more than purify the air, as they have been scientifically proven to calm people down. Spending time around a plant will induce a relaxation response, so you will be less susceptible to stress. In fact, a Washington State University study discovered a group of stressed people experienced a four-point drop in the blood pressure levels after entering a room filled with plants. So, if you want to destress at work, you should certainly consider adding a plant onto your desk.

Listen to music

If your company policy allows, listen to classical music at work, as it can have a soothing effect on both your mind and body. The genre has been proven to lower blood pressure, slow a heart rate and decrease stress hormone levels. If you can’t listen to music at work, try humming a song to relieve stress.

Chew gum

Chewing gum cannot only improve the freshness of your breath, but it is also believed to be an effective way to tackle anxiety and stress whilst improving alertness, especially when multitasking. So, if you are juggling more than one task at work, chew a piece of gum.

Consume potassium

Combat stress by consuming a little potassium at work, as it can regulate your blood pressure levels, which can rise whenever a person feels stressed. Eating a banana can increase your energy levels and can help to quickly recover your blood pressure levels. You are therefore less likely to experience the negative effect of stress, such as a stroke or heart attack.