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A trade show can be a wonderful possibility for business owners. It’s a grand chance to show your company and indeed your products to potential investors, buyers and suppliers. Build up your brand, get the recognition you deserve and start the process of transforming your business into a household name.

Well, that’s the idea anyway, but it’s only going to happen if you create a business exhibition that stands out from the rest. A stall that people simply can’t resist and feel they have to go and see for themselves. So, how do you make sure that your trade show marketing campaign is simply irresistible?

A little treat goes a long way

Honestly, you can think about marketing at a trade show in the same way that you would consider marketing your home. How do you get a home to sell? You fill it with fresh smells and scents that make buyers feel relaxed and welcomed. Cool, so you can do the same at trade shows laying out a few baked goods on your table. Set up a few fans and let the smells of your baked goods waft through the venue. We know what you’re thinking. What on earth does this have to do with your brand? Well, you can decorate the cakes with your brand logo giving investors a reason to start buying at your stall.

Tech wonders

As well as this, you could consider using tech to entice investors to stop by. Tech presents a brilliant way to make your business proposal more immersive and indeed interactive. By doing this, you should find that you can build up your business as a fresh and innovative idea. An example of this would be VR technology. Could you make your business idea come to life with the right type of tech? You very well might, particularly, if you’re selling something that investors need to be able to experience for themselves.

Aside from that renting some technology like 4K displays could also make sure that your exhibition stand is a sight to behold.

The stand itself

Of course, beyond the technology shown off, you also need to think about the stand itself. It needs to be eye-catching too. Otherwise, investors are never going to head over and explore it. Companies like Open Exhibitions can provide you with a stand that is sure to catch the attention and stand out in the crowd. Remember, at a typical trade show, you could be facing down hundreds of companies all vying for the attention of the same investors.

Market early

Last but not least, you should make sure that you are marketing your presence at the trade show long before the event itself takes place. There are various ways to do this, and one possibility is to stay active on social media. Investors and attendees are looking for potential buys long before a trade show so by marketing on social media you can catch their interest early and make sure they stop by your stall, hopefully with the aim to buy.


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