Why won’t my website traffic improve?

When you’ve been in business a while, you probably have established growth plans. Ultimately, you expect everything to increase. This might include your sales volume, value, leads, conversions and website traffic.

But sometimes you can mistaken statistics and figures for a poor result. If you’re not seeing the numbers you think you should be seeing, it might be time to check what it is you need to be seeing in your results:

Web traffic

If you want visitor numbers to improve, then you need to attract more people to your website. But what part of this figure is really the most important to you? High volumes of traffic aren’t always a good sign. They might indicate a problem that could lead to a hacker attack. The figures you should be interested in are the bounce rate and the drill down. This gives you a far more detailed idea of how long visitors stay and how deep into your website they go.

Landing pages

Setting up individual landing pages for your marketing campaigns immediately gives you the answer to the question “how many people responded to that ad?” Now you can use your own website stats to see how many people clicked deeper into your website. This will determine how successful the content on the landing page really is too! From there you can measure how many people actually made it all the way to check out. This is how to effectively measure the ROI of your campaigns and your conversion rates.

Where is everyone?

If you’re getting traffic to your landing page and they’re actually clicking through into the website, then that’s great news. If you’re losing them there and they’re bouncing, then it’s time to address the big issue. Something about your website is putting people off. The design of your website should ensure that customers stay to read the content. It should be easy to navigate. If they get lost or don’t get what they expected, they’re going to leave.


One of the best ways to check the appeal and functionality of your website is to buy one of the SEO packages that offer a full website audit. This should be reported back to you in detail. It might include information about your keyword effectiveness and overall content interest. You should be offered market research and link building strategies. Most importantly, the aesthetic appeal of your website will be scrutinised. Suggestions should be offered to help you reach your target audience more effectively.


When you hire someone to help with your website, consider what you really need and focus on just one or two key tasks. You might want to post more content more often to help you rank better. Perhaps you just need to set up better keywords for each page that is already there? Plan your customer journey meticulously. Help visitors find information easily and deliver on your promises. This will help you achieve improved website traffic stats.